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May 16, 2007
6th grade math

With less than 2 weeks to go, I can't believe how fast the school year has gone by. The students have learned a great deal of math and I am so proud of them! I told them in class today that learning will continue through the end of school and I expect good attendance and behaviors from them. We finished our solids unit and I know some of it was difficult for them, but they are shining so far as they learn about ratios and proportions. They are practicing practical applications of proportions and doing very well. We continue this week (except Thursday - field day). by covering the metric system and doing conversions. After this we will touch on customary unit such as cups, pints, quarts, gallons etc. Next weewk we will look at scale drawings. There will still be HW's a quiz and one more test. We will stay focused and I'm sure they will all do well.

Posted by Mrs. Jennings

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