Making Learning Irresitable for Over 25 Years. Making Learning Irresitable for Over 25 Years.
Parent letters

Look for the parent letters for each unit will be posted as we begin a new section. Letters will show how you can help you student study at home. It will some great advice and some terrific web links!

posted on: February 23, 2007

New Unit for 6th grade!

We've begun the third unit of the new Georgia Standards - read on to see parent letter

We have begun the third unit of the new Georgia standards. You should have received a 'parent letter' this week explaining the goal and objectives for this unit and ways you can help your child at home, This unit covers fractions, decimals and percents. We began by understanding that a fraction is a 'part of the whole' and did several demonstrations with manipulatives. The students seemed to catch on quickly. The material will get more difficult as we proceed, but we will take it slow and steady so they will understand what they are learning.
I will continue posting HW assignments and other announcements. I am also beginning to experiment with my blog. I am going to attempt to scan and post many of my class notes and then hopefully add in other documents like the parent letters and study guides for each unit.
HW for tonight was Workbook, section 5-4 PRACTICE. Only the problems changing improper fractions to mixed numbers!

parent letter unit 3.doc

posted on: October 05, 2006

Test on Thursday!

6th grade math students will have a test on Thursday. Tomorrow we will be reviewing in class and they will have a study guide for homework that will have problems on it that are very similar to our review problems and to the ones that will be on the test! They will also have a 'hint' sheet that tells them exactly what to study.
1. Know how to determine if one number is divisible by anther. 2. Study the word problems in your study guide. Look for words like: largest, smallest, the most and the least, to help decide if you need LCM or GCF. 3. Know if a number is prime, composite or neither. 4. Know how to use the bobsled for prime factorization and GCF, (When doing prime factorization you are doing only 1 bobsled). GCF - you multiply all the numbers on the left! LCM - list the multiples until you find one they have in common. We will be going over all this in class tomorrow and Thursday morning as well. Study!!! and good luck!

posted on: September 26, 2006

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