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ACLA Edgar Allan Poe Project

Students are assigned the first project for the second nine weeks grading period. They have creative choices to make which involves decision making skills. Students may pick from creating a digital movie, planning a party, drawing a movie poster, designing costumes, role playing scenarios, to writing a newspaper article. Below is the directions of choices for this project. The due date is Oct. 23rd or 24th.

Edgar Allan Poe Project.doc

posted on: October 13, 2006


Students have finished reading And Then There Were None.
On Tuesday, 10/10, their projects are due.
Students are to create a character booklet of the ten character in the novel.
See rubric below.

Character Booklet Rubric

posted on: October 06, 2006

ACLA Interviews

ACLA students will deliver interviews on topics of personal choice. Inteviews will begin next Monday and Tuesday, August 28-29.
Directions - 8/21
Prewrite and practice with partner - 8/22
Practice with partner final draft - 8/25
Interviews - 8/28-8/29

Interview Rubric Name:_________________

Content/ length
• Too short, less than a minute, and few and limited ideas = 5
• Short, less than 2 minutes, mixed up ideas, and no organization = 10
• Not even 3 minutes, confusing content and ideas = 15
• 3+ minutes with organization and important content and details = 20
• Excellent content, ideas, organization, 4-5 minutes = 25

Visuals 1=5 2=10 3=15 4=20
• You have 4 different visuals or props

Written Speech/note cards
• Read every word from cards = 5
• Looked down for help often = 10
• Hardly used note cards for support = 15

Speaking clearly
• Too soft or too fast, you slurred your words = 5
• Lots of poise and polish, you practiced speaking clearly = 10

Eye contact
• Looked down or at notes all the time = 5
• Looked at interviewer and audience = 10

• Nervously sitting, jittering, lots of movements = 5
• Relaxed, sitting still and straight = 10

posted on: August 21, 2006

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