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September 16, 2005
Mind Mapping

No it's not what you think. We didn't open anybody's head and map their brains! Mind Mapping is a strategy used to put written information into a visual format for easy recall. Since today was "Study the Constitution Day" across Georgia, our class attempted to bring visual meaning to a complex subject. With an easily readable abridged version of the constitution, we first read each paragraph then highlighted important words. After some discussion, we decided how to represent the ideas presented in short phrases and/or pictures. Students were creative in their ideas drawing frames around pictures of men's heads to represent the "framers of the constitution". We made it through Article IV and will continue next week. What comes to your mind when you think of justice (fairness)? Students drew two children sharing a candy bar. Tranquility (calm)? Students drew a still lake with a duck. Liberty (freedom)? Students drew the American flag. Our final task will be to use the mind map to create an essay explaining the Constitution of the United States.

Posted by Mrs. Krodman

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