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November 11, 2005
Have Baggage WIll Travel

Have Baggage Will Travel:
A Look at our Personal Journeys

· During the late 1800’s, as the United States became a world power, many immigrants arrived looking for work.
· New technology in the 1900’s brought a wave of movement to the west.

When our ancestors set out on their journeys across the ocean or across the country to make new lives, they could only take a few items with them. Some of these items might have been cherished photos, a special toy for a child, valuable jewelry or silver, or a special set of clothing.

Suppose you want to leave Marietta, Georgia, for opportunities in a new location. Which items in your life would you like to take with you? Your challenge is to pack a suitcase with things that you would want to have with you in your new life.
· Place the items in a suitcase.
o You may use an actual suitcase, or you can decorate a box as if it is a trunk. It should have a lid if you use a box.
· On an index card, write an explanation of why you included each item. In your explanation, you should include:
o What the item is
o Why you are packing it, its significance or importance
o How it will benefit you in your new location

How will you be graded? Download the rubric at the bottom of this post
· You must include at least 5 items
· Index cards must be included and have at least all the information requested above
· Effort and creativity

This assignment is due on December 2. Have a safe and fulfilling journey!

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