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CRCT Practice

Last week students were given a list of CRCT terms compiled by Mrs. Cushman. Students in sixth grade have been reviewing the terms to prepare for the CRCT Language Arts exam which will be on Tuesday. There are so many terms, I knew it would be difficult to cover all of them in class, so tomorrow, Monday, students will be given an answer key to go with all the terms. Whatever review they are able to do at home is beneficial.

posted on: April 15, 2007

Happy New Year!

Here's wishing you and yours a happy new year and a welcome back to school. As we near the end of the year and CRCT testing, it becomes very important for students to be diligent about homework and independent reading. Don't forget to complete reading logs. Check the Department of Education site for practice CRCT tests.

In language arts, we have begun Unit 14 of the Language! program. Homework tonight will be to make the flash cards for missed words. Remember: the word goes on one side of the card and the memory jogging sentence goes on the other side. For this unit, the lists were differentiated based on the score od the pretest.

posted on: January 09, 2007

Future Plans

On Tuesday of next week, students will have a DOL (Daily Oral Language) test. This test will consist of four sentences from our DOL activities which are in the student notebooks. They have made corrections to their own attempts at these activities. Sentences will be taken directly from those in the notebook which will make for easy studying. In addition to the DOL test, the students will be expected to head their papers with the specified heading that we have learned. There is a note sheet for this heading in the notebook. I will instruct students to be sure to bring home their notebooks for study purposes beginning Friday evening. Also on Tuesday, I will check the reading logs for a grade. By now, they should have a minimum of ten (10!) entries. That is ten points per entry making a grade of 100 if all ten are completed. You can figure your child's grade accordingly.

posted on: September 07, 2006

Math Folders

Today, students took home a yellow laminated folder that contains their graded work from the last two weeks. Please look through the work and sign the sheet stapled inside the folder. Keep the papers in the folder and return it to school. Some problems completed will be used for data collection and some papers will be saved portfolios.

posted on: August 28, 2006

Open House

Monday night is open house for sixth grade. i look forward to seeing each of you.
Click here for the schedule: Download file

posted on: August 27, 2006

Welcome Back!

Here we go...We're off to a new running start, so tie up your sneakers, take a deep breath and let's go!

posted on: August 07, 2006

Progress Reports Reminder

On Friday, April 28, progress reports went home for the half-way mark of the last quarter. Please remember to sign and return them TOMORROW! I know it is difficult to remember on Mondays, so I will extend the due date for one day. Any students not returning progress reports on Tuesday will have lunch detention on Wednesday. Thanks.

posted on: May 01, 2006

Back to the Ole Grind...

With testing behind us and five more weeks of school remaining, it is time to squeeze in as much learning as possible. Math students will be making a subtle change this week. Seventh grade students will begin working in the Saxon 87 book and sixth graders will move up to the 76 book. Everyone seems excited about the change and the challenge.

posted on: April 24, 2006

Practice Makes Perfect

Nothing to do during Spring Break? Traveling, but have access to the internet? The Georgia State Department of Education has developed an online practice assessment system for the upcoming CRCT's. The system requires Internet Explorer 5.0-6.0 or Netscape 4.5-4.78 to run. The browser checker will notify you if your browser is not compatible. Go to

posted on: March 28, 2006

Jekyll Island

Seventh graders are off on the Jekyll trips this week. I know they will have a wonderful time! Due to the change in their schedules, they are participating in pod activities this week. Their pod teachers know that if they need help or want to get out of the larger group, they may come to me. I didn't want them to feel like they couldn't participate with their peers in these pod activities.

posted on: February 21, 2006

Welcome Smart Technology

Students are excited about our new Smart Board. As tough as it is to teach an old dog new tricks, this old dog is learning how to use a whole new presentation method. I feel a little like the teachers in a previous century who moved from slates and stones to chalkboards. This new technology goes beyond the whiteboard and markers into a world of virtual markers and computer interactivity. The students and I will try to keep you posted as we all learn more about this wonderful new tool. Thanks, Dr. T.

If you would like to learn more about this technology check out the website.

posted on: February 06, 2006

Calendar for 2006-2007

Click on the link to see the calendar for next school year.

posted on: January 12, 2006

Gentle Reminders

Now that we start school in the beginning of August, these initial days of learning aren't cool, calm and collected. So, at the beginning of each year, especially with sixth graders, it is always necessary to be mindful of body and body odor changes. Please be sure to bathe and wear deodorant each day, and be sure that clothes are clean and fresh. Also, as young ladies grow, it sometimes appears that clothing shrinks and tummies and backsides tend to show. Dr. Tyson has stressed that there is to be no midriff (on any side of the body) showing at any time. It might be a good idea to ask your child to bend over and raise her arms to be sure that she is properly covered. For boys, no boxers should be showing above the jean waistband.

posted on: August 18, 2005

Mission Possible

Here we are beginning a new school year. There are many exciting things going on here at Mabry. This year will hopefully prove to be both challenging and rewarding, and this blog will be a great communication device that will benefit our academic team. That team consists of the parent(s), student, and me. My mission and Mabry's is to MAXIMIZE STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT. By working together, our "team" will be able to do just that. I hope you will join me in this Mission Possible!

posted on: August 10, 2005

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