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October 30, 2006

Graded test:Ch 3

Graded test for Ch. 3 will be given back tomorrow. Students did really well on the test.

Average for 3rd period and 6th period was: 87%
Average for 4th period and 5th period was: 93%

Some students have not been turning their assignments on the assigned date. This has resulted in 50% credit or no credit for that assignment.Grades for these students are extremely low. Progress report was sent home with these students on Friday. Parents please sign the reports and send them back with your child.
Parents please check blogs and I-parents to keep up with your child's progress.

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Vocabulary: Ch 4
Here is the vocabulary words for Ch 4. Vocabulary-1.doc

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October 29, 2006

Answer key: Review Guide:Ch 3

Below is the answer key for the study guide.
Review guide

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October 27, 2006

Jekyll packets

Jekyll Island: All forms are due by Friday, November 3rd!
The following forms are required:

1. Blue - Behavior Policy
2.Yellow - Overnight Permission Form
3. Red - Medical History (school will notarize)
4.White - Copy of Child's Insurance Card (FRONT & BACK)

All students MUST have medical insurance to attend the trip. If your child doe not have insurance, the school district provides a student plan for a minimal, one-time payment.

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The Chia Unit

This student podcast is a brief overview of our Chia Unit.

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The Cell Cycle

This student podcast is a brief overview of the cell cycle.

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October 26, 2006


Here are some pictures from the Think-Tac-Toe assignments.


gene4.jpg gene5.jpg gene6.jpg


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Jekyll Island Trip Podcast

This podcast is a brief overview of last year's Jekyll Island trip.

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October 25, 2006


Review guide is due Friday.
Notebook Quiz is Friday.

Test and 3rd assignment(Think-Tac-Toe) is due on Monday.

Bring an empty box and typed question and answers on Meiosis by next Thursday for cubing activity.Answers should be 5 sentences long. We will work on that in class.

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October 23, 2006

Review guide:Ch 3

Notebook Quiz: Friday
Test: Monday: Oct 30th:Ch 3

2nd homework assignment is now due on Wednesday,Oct 25th instead of Tuesday.

Students have been given a review guide on Friday. It is due this Friday. Below is the link for the review guide.

Download file.

Few students have not turned the "All in the family" project. Students who did not finish the assignment in class were given extra time to work on it on friday. Parents please check I-parent to see if your child has turned in the assignment. I will give 50% if it is turned in tomorrow: Tuesday Oct 24th.

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October 20, 2006

"All in a family" project: Due Monday
100_1249.jpg 100_1251.jpg Students who did not finish the "All in a family" assignment were given a chance to take it home and finish it.It is due on Monday. Students who were absent are also expected to turn it in on Monday for a grade. They also have the white packet, yellow sheet and the blue sheet that is required to complete the assignment. Review guide was given out today and is due on Friday: Oct 27th. Students who had informed me about their absence on Friday were given a review guide on Thursday.

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October 18, 2006

Smiley Face Traits

Students finished creating smiley face family today in class. They worked in groups for the activity. To increase their understanding, they will be working on another activity individually. The activity is called "All in a family."

100_1246.jpg 100_1247.jpg

Students will define Genetics, Heredity, Traits, Phenotype, Genotype, Homozygous, Heterozygous and Allele.
Identify the factors that control the inheritance of traits in organisms.
Use a Punnett square to predict how an new organism might look.

Reminder: 1st homework assignment is due Friday. It will graded as a project grade and is due on the assigned date.
Turn in Jekyll Island forms before Nov 3rd.

Tentatively the test is scheduled on 30th October for Ch 3.

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October 17, 2006

Jekyll trip information
All students received their Jekyll information packets yesterday in class. Parents are getting this handout in their conference folders . Please contact your science teacher if you have any questions. Jekyll.doc

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October 15, 2006

Think-Tac-Toe: Genetics

Students have homework on Genetics this week. It will be graded as a project grade. It has to be turned on the assigned date. 9 different assignments are given and students will choose 3 activities from each vertical column. Please click on the link below for further instructions.



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Oct 16th

I'm looking forward to meet you during the conference week.

We will revisit Ch 3 :Sec 1 on Monday. We will talk about Punnett squares, the chart that shows combinations of alleles this week. Students will create a smiley face family in groups using the punnett squares.

Jekyll packets will be handed out on Monday.
My 3rd, 4th and 5th period classes will be on the 2nd trip: Mar 7th-9th.
My 6th period class will be on the 1st trip: Mar 5th -7th.

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October 09, 2006

Graded test will be returned in class today. I have asked some students to get their tests signed. Parents please sign the test and return it back.

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October 08, 2006

Oct 9th

On Monday students will play board games on cell cycle created by some students in class. They will also look at some presentations created on photosynthesis and respiration by some of the students.

On Tuesday we will begin talking about Genetics:Ch 3. They will learn about traits and how they are passed from generation to generations.
Students will work on the anticipation Guide. They will read section 1 and verify the answers on the guide.
Anticipation guide

Students will also fill out the heredity organizer.

Students will define Genetics, Heredity, Traits, Phenotype, Genotype, Homozygous, Heterozygous and Allele.
Identify the factors that control the inheritance of traits in organisms.
Explain the role of genes and chromosomes in the process of inheriting a specific trait.
Use a Punnett square to predict how an new organism might look.

Friday is Teacher workday. No school for the students.

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October 06, 2006

Homework for Friday
Homework for Friday is the Vocabulary for Ch:3. It is due on Monday. vocab ch 3.doc

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October 04, 2006

Cell Cycle

To review the cell cycle visit the Extension activity category and click on the second entry to play the cell cycle game.

You can also visit the link below and scroll down to watch the video on cell cycle. Try to identify the stages of cell cycle(Don't forget IMPMATC) .

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Online Textbooks are finally available

Students will receive directions and their class access code on Thursday so they can begin using the resource!

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Cell Cycle Assignment
Few students did not finish the assignment in class and have been given extra time to finish at home. However if it is not turned in tomorrow that will be a 0 grade for that assignment.

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Oct 4th
Students have started working on the cell cycle book yesterday in class. They will finish the cell cycle book today in class and then start working on creating a board game, song or a model on cell cycle.

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October 02, 2006

Conference Letters

Conference letters were sent home on Friday with my 3rd period class. Parents please return them back as soon as possible.

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Oct 2nd

We talked about cell cycle today. Students who were absent need to read ch 2:Sec 5. Tomorrow students will have a choice to make up a song on Cell cycle or create a model of cell cycle or a board game.

Notebok Quiz: Thursday
Test: Friday on Chapter 2

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