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November 06, 2006

We have talked about how traits are passed on from the parents to the offspring. Students had been working on the genetic disorder posters and exploring the causes and symptoms of the disorders. Here's a sneak a peek of our week.

On Friday we solved the family puzzle found in the textbook(Ch 4:Sec 1).Students worked on it individually and shared their answers with their table groups.

Today we completed the genetic disorder poster and talked about Genetic disorders.

On wednesday we will look at Selective breeding, Cloning and genetic engineering.

On Thursday we will read some articles on genetic engineering and cloning. Students will summarize the articles in their composition books.

On Friday we will solve the mystery of the stolen Crown Jewel. Students will receive police reports and collected DNA samples from the four suspects. They will evaluate the DNA found at the crime scene and identify the suspect.

Posted by Ms. Kulkarni

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