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December 12, 2006

Pictures:Learning center

Here are some pictures from the learning centers. We will finish the centers in the next five days.
Reminder: Review Guide due on 18th .Credit will only be given if turned in on 18th.

DSC00053.jpg DSC00060.jpg
DSC00063_0001.jpg DSC00068.jpg DSC00070.jpg

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December 06, 2006

Human body: Study guide

Below is the study guide for the Human body test. Study guide is due on 18th of December.
Human body

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Classroom news

We are still working on the learning centers on Human body. Students have finished 2 centers and will need to finish 2 more centers in the next 8-10 days.
Learning center information

learning center assignment

Most students are almost done summarizing 10 articles in their composition books. Students are reminded everyday and are given plenty of time to summarize the articles. Students are aware that they have to finish 7 articles by 20th December to get full credit otherwise they will end up getting "0" for the classwork assignment.
Test on Human body is on 20th December. Test will be multiple choice and study guide is posted under Homework category. Study guide is due on 18th of December. The test includes digestive, circulatory, respiratory, excretory, skeletal and muscular system. Most of the answers for the questions can be found on the sheets given in class on the different systems. Check the table of contents to make sure you have all the sheets for completed centers in your binder.

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December 01, 2006

Science Test :Human body

Science test on Human body will be December 20th. Students need to know
1: Functions of all the system(except for reproductive and endocrine system)
2: Functions of the major organs.

Start studying now since there will be tests in all the content classes during that time.

I will also be checking their composition book to see if they have summarized 7 articles. They are supposed to have 15 articles summarized by the end of school year. Plenty of time has been provided to finish summarizing the articles.

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Table Of Contents:Learning centers

1:Warm up
2: Digestive process
3: final digestion
4: 2 Column notes Interview with an organ
5: Blood and Lymph
6:Closer look at blood
7: Transportation system
8: Flow chart
Lab A-B-O's and Heart beat
9: Crossword:Excretory
10:Crossword: Respiratory
11:Excretory system
12: Respiratory system
13:Your framework
15: Concept map on Muscles
16:Skeletal system
Bony Joe

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