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January 31, 2007

Jekyll Island:Parent meeting
Jekyll Island parent meeting has been scheduled on Monday at 6:30 p.m.

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Adaptation:final day
We worked on note cards today in class. Some students did not finish it and have been given an opportunity to work on them tonight. Students had to complete the picture of their bird or fish along with the note cards. Ev1 Test on Evolution will be next Thursday. Review guide will be given this Friday and will be due next Wednesday.

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January 30, 2007

Adaptation: Tuesday
We started this project today in class. Please complete this tonight if you were absent. You will need note cards tomorrow to complete the project. Ev

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January 26, 2007

Writing Assignment: Jan 26th

Students are writing about the theory of evolution in class.
The assignment is as follows.

You are a young reporter for a local newspaper.You have been asked to interview Charles Darwin about his theory of Evolution. Write 3 question that you would ask Charles Darwin.Choose one question and answer it as Darwin would have in 2 paragraphs. This assignment is due on friday and we will be working in class.

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January 25, 2007

Students will write 10 different adaptations needed for desert dwelling organisms, 5 adaptations for bird and 5 fish adaptations. It is due on Tuesday. This H.W is part of the research for their project. It is due on Tuesday(No exceptions).Students who do not have their H.W will receive a 0 on their H.W and also on the project grade (since this paper is needed for the Project. adaptation.doc Students will complete analyze and conclude, questions 1 through 4.(page 153) tonight.

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January 24, 2007

January 24th

We completed "Nature at work" today in class. Students will complete Analyze and conclude 1-4 on page 153 in their composition bookin class. Grade for this assignment will be given when students finish their answers to the questions.
Students who completed their assignments summarized the platypus article in their notebook.

We also watched a small clip on "How evolution occurs?"

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January 23, 2007

Jan 23rd

Today in class we read the article on "Platypus". We worked on an activity called "Nature at work". The activity is in the textbook on page 152. Students worked on part 1 and will be working on part 2 tomorrow in class.

I have collected the comic strips today and will be returning them in couple of days.

Reminder: We are in dire need of Jekyll money! We asked for the first deposit of $100 to be turned in during the month of October, but as of yet we have only received money from about a third of the 7th grade population. Though we do not want to leave any students behind for financial reasons, or worse yet, cancel the trip, we have fiscal obligations that need to be met to ensure this amazing field trip occurs. If you have not sent in the first deposit, please consider doing so now, even if your donation comes in smaller increments. The second deposit will be due in February.

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January 22, 2007

Comic strip:Adaptation
Students compared and contrasted selective breeding with natural selection. They have started working on a comic strip on adaptation. They will finish it at home if they don't finish in class.It is due tomorrow and late work will not be accepted. T.O.C 1:Warm up 2:Vocabulary 3:Nature of Science 4:Compare and contrast(Selective and natural selection) 5:Comic strip Below is #4 in your notebook. Evolution

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January 19, 2007

Vocabulary for evolution
3D Book2 Students have been working on the vocabulary in the class. Students who did not finish will finish it for homework. Words for the vocabulary are posted under classwork(Nature of Science).They will illustrate and define the words. It is due on Monday and will be counted as a classwork grade(No late work will be accepted.)

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January 18, 2007

Nature of science :Notes

We have started learning about evolution in class. Here are some notes on "Nature of science" Nature of Science is # 3 in your notebook. Nature Of Science

We will working on the Vocabulary words on this chapter in class. Students will define and illustrate the words tomorrow.
The vocabulary words are as follows:
4:Natural Selection
7:Petrified fossil
10: Sedimentary rock
11: Relative dating
12: Absolute dating
13:homologous structure
14:Branching tree
15:Fossil record
17:Scientific theory

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January 15, 2007

Week of 16th.

We will review everything we have learned so far tomorrow in class. We will start looking at Nature of science on wednesday.. We will start Evolution from Friday.
Pig dissection papers have been graded and will be returned on Wednesday. On Tuesday students will be given three different assignments to work. They will work in groups to solve the problem. The assignments are cube activity, checks lab and crime scene investigation. These activities will help them understand the nature of science.  Image Animations Smiley-Faces ~Ts1168891977558 Smiley 031
Grade average for pig dissection test:
1st Period : 83%
2nd period: 87%
3rd period: 84%
4th period: 80%

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January 12, 2007

Report cards
Report cards had been sent home today.

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January 11, 2007

Lab: Pig Dissection (Tomorrow)
Students will need to identify the organs and write the functions of the organs. Some review questions are posted under classwork.

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Lab test: Pig dissection(Friday)

Students will need to identify the organs and write the functions of the organs. Here are some review questions.
1: Where is the liver found? (abdominal cavity)
2: What helps small intestine absorb the nutrients?(Viili)
3: Which organs absorb water?(Large intestine)
4: Which organ helps absorb nutrients?(Small intestine)
5: What is the function of the gall bladder?(Stores bile)
6: What muscular wall separates the thoracic and the abdominal cavity?(Diaphragm)
7: Where is the respiratory system located?( Thoracic cavity)
8:Where is the digestive system located? (abdominal cavity)
9:What organ is found just below the diaphragm?(Liver)
10: What organ contains nephrons?(Kidneys)
11:What is the function of the kidney?(Filters blood)
12:What is the function of the skeletal system?(Protects internal organs, shape and support, produces blood cells)
13:What is the long tube called that carries food through the process of peristalsis?(Esophagus)
14:What connects kidney to the urinary bladder?( Ureter)
15: What is the function of the urinary bladder(Stores urine)
16: Duodenum, jejunum-ileum are part of which organ?( Small intestine)
17: Where are the feces stored?(Rectum)
18:Rectum is part of which system?(Digestive system)

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January 09, 2007

Digestive system: Pictures

Here are some pictures from day 2 dissection. Students looked at the digestive system today in class.


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January 08, 2007

Pictures:Pig Dissection

Today in class students looked at the external anatomy of the pig. They determined the sex of their pig. Thye looked at some parts of the digestive system such as the mouth, tongue, glottis and epiglottis. They completed Page 1, 3 questions on Page 2 and 7 functions on the last page of their dissection guide today in class.

Here are some pictures from our day 1 pig dissection.

DSC00088_2.jpg DSC00072_2_0001.jpg

DSC00077_2.jpg DSC00082.jpg

Glottis, Epiglottis and nasal chamber

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January 07, 2007

Piggy Week: Jan 8th- Jan 12th

Welcome back! Hope everyone had a wonderful and restful vacation!
We will begin the new year by dissecting the fetal pig.
The purpose is to relate the pig's body systems to the human body systems. The dissection will be done from Monday to Thursday. A lab test is scheduled for Friday. Students will follow an instruction packet to guide them through the dissections. They are to complete the lab questions on the packet after each dissection.The dissection guide contains information about the location and function of different organs.The guide will be collected on Friday for a grade.

Below are some links for Virtual dissection:

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