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February 28, 2007

Endangered species: LAST PART


As a culminating activity students will create awareness about their species. They will choose one choice from the list.
Choose one choice from the list.
1: Letter - Draw a picture of the endangered species and the biggest threats to its survival. Write a letter explaining why you drew it, and tell them how you feel about endangered species and why it is important to protect them.
2: Campaign – Create a campaign by writing about your species. Write in your own words how you feel about endangered species and why it is important to protect them.
3: Make Masks
4: Make Puppets
5: Make a Storybook
6: Make a button

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February 25, 2007

Jekyll Island

Jekyll :Trip 1: Mar 5th-7th
Trip 2: Mar 7th-9th

Medication: All Jekyll Island medications should have been turned in by now (prescription, daily meds, over-the-counter). The only medication a student can carry are EpiPens, inhalers,and insulin (medication form should be submitted by a parent for these items).

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Endangered species

Students will be completing the endangered species project this week. Students will create food webs for their endangered species and then come up with ways to save these species.


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February 15, 2007

Endangered species

Students will be working on the endangered species project for the next 8 days. They will be working in groups and groups will be given slightly different assignments.

Here are some websites for the project:


Threatened species

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February 14, 2007

Endangered species

On Friday students will create a PowerPoint/Keynote on endangered species.
1:Choose an endangered species.
2:Write its food, diet, habitat, biome, characteristics of biome……..
3:What are the causes that lead to the species becoming endangered?
4:What was the habitat of the species?
5:Why should we be concerned about the species?

(Presentation will be graded on answering all the questions and accuracy of information(60%), correct grammar(20%), completion in a timely manner(20%))

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Thursday(Feb 15th)

We looked at three types of symbiotic relationships(Mutualism, commensalism, Parasitism) today in class. Students then worked on symbiotic relationships were they had to define the terms, give two examples of each type of symbiotic relationship and write a story.

Students will complete both the assignments if not yet completed(exploring ecosystem and symbiotic relationship) and turn them in for a grade. Students will then D.E.A.R.

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February 13, 2007

Symbiotic relationship(Wednesday)

Students will finish their exploring ecosystems in class. They will then work on the symbiotic relationships assignment.Click below to read about the assignment.
symbiotic relationship

Task: You will work in pairs to explore and research information about the three types of symbiotic relationships: mutualism, commensalism, and parasitism. You will
1: Define: Mutualism, Commensalism and parasitism
2: Give examples of each type of relationship.
3: Answer the question:
The year is 2800 in a galaxy far, far away. You are a symbiont in search of a humanoid (used to describe a being from another planet that has the appearance or characteristics of a human) in order to form a symbiotic relationship. What type of relationship would you form? (mutualistic, commensalistic, parasitic) What would you look like? How does your relationship impact the humanoid? Write a science fiction story about your life as a symbiont and illustrate it!
You have the option to type or handwrite the information

Here are some links for the symbiotic relationships.

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Here is #4 in your notebook(Outline for Ch 22 sec 2) outline-1.doc .

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February 12, 2007

Complete your ecosystem picture at home if you did not finish it in class. I will check it tomorrow. We started with Ecology today in class and will continue learning about it for the next few weeks. 41/2 weeks Progress reports will be sent home on wednesday.

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February 10, 2007

Feb 12th:Ecology

Instead of starting Ecology on Friday we will start the chapter on Monday. Graded tests will be returned on Monday.

Average for the classes:
1st period: 87%
2nd period: 91%
3rd period: 92%
4th period: 86%

Reminder:Vocabulary H.W is due on Monday if I have not checked it already.
Students need to bring colored pencils to class on Monday as they will be creating ecosystems with different habitats.

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February 08, 2007

Ecology Vocab

Ecology vocabulary is due on Monday.Click below on the link.

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Graded test and Quiz will be given back on Monday.
We will start talking about ecology(Ch.22) from tomorrow(Friday). Here is a tentative schedule for the next week.

Instead of Friday we will start this on Monday.
DAY 1: (Friday: Feb 9th)
Read Ch 22: section 1
Make a concept map on Ecosystem: Organism, Population, Community, and Ecosystem (include abiotic and biotic factors).
Students will illustrate the vocabulary words and find the connection between these words.(Assignment will be graded as C.W)

DAY 2 (Tuesday)
Make an outline: Studying populations(Ch 22:SEc 2).
Counting Turtles lab(Page 701)/ Exploring ecosystem(Lab/assignment will be graded:C.W)

DAY 3 (wednesday)
(Relationship: Mutualism, Symbiosis, Commensalisms, Predation, Prey adaptation) We will talk about all these vocabulary words and what they mean. Symbiotic relationship assignment will be graded
Butterfly: Discovery activity(Page 703)1butterfly.gifWe will work on a project for the next couple of weeks on Endangered species.

DAY 4 (Thursday)
Create a PowerPoint/Keynote on your endangered species.
Choose an endangered species.
Write its food, diet, habitat, biome, characteristics of biome……..
What are the causes that lead to the species becoming endangered?
What was the habitat of the species?
Why should we be concerned about the species?

DAY 5(Friday)
Work on power point

(Presentation will be graded on answering all the questions and accuracy of information(60%), correct grammar(20%), completion in a timely manner(20%))

E.Q: What happens to the ecosystem as a whole, if there is a change in one part? What is meant by “interdependence of nature”?
2: Element: S7L4.a
Demonstrate in a food web that matter is transferred from one organism to another and can recycle between organisms and their environments.
3: Element: S7L4.c
Recognize that changes in environmental conditions can affect the survival of both individuals and entire species.
4: Element: S7L4.e
Describe the characteristics of Earth’s major terrestrial biomes (i.e. tropical rain forest, savannah, temperate, desert, taiga, tundra, and mountain) and aquatic communities (i.e. freshwater, estuaries, and marine).
5: Element: S7CS5.a
Observe and explain how parts can be related to other parts in a system such as predator/prey relationships in a community/ecosystem

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February 06, 2007

Timeline:Geologic time scale

Students have been working on the timeline since Friday.They finished the timeline today and read Ch 5 :Sec 3.
We went over some of the questions that will be on the test, today in class.
Tomorrow we will play a review game and go over the review guide. Students will also have a notebook quiz tomorrow. Students need to read the chapter for this test(Ch 5:Sec 1-3)

Review guide due tomorrow
Notebook Quiz tomorrow
Test Thursday

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February 03, 2007

Sites For Evolution

Here is a wonderful site to learn how fossils are formed.

Here is a site on the information that fossils can reveal.

This is a site that explains how life is related.

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February 01, 2007

Review guide:Evolution

Here is the review guide for evolution. Please complete it by wednesday. The test is Thursday. To receive credit,the review guide should be turned in on wednesday.

review guide

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Review Game
Today in class we played a review game using the promethean eggs. Students then had D.E.A.R time. Writing assignment on Darwin is due tomorrow. Please finish it tonight if you haven't finished it already.

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