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March 27, 2007

Learning center grades on I-parent.

I'am trying to grade the assignment for learning center as I receive them. By the weekend all the grades will be updated. It might say that some assignments are missing on I-parent for your child. It means that they have not done the activity yet or I have not graded their latest assignment.

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March 26, 2007

Classification chart
Here is the classification chart we completed in Science class today. Classificationchart1

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Review guide and test
The test on Ch 6 and 7 will be Apr 10th. The test will be multiple choice based on the questions from the review guide. The review guide is due on Apr 9th (no exception) . Vocabulary has been given and is due on Friday(Mar 30th) Vocabulary ch 6and 7.doc R.Guide 6 and 7.doc

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March 21, 2007

Classification Chart

Here is the Classification chart we filled out today in class.
Classification chart

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Classification chart
Here is the classification chart we completed in Science class today. Classificationchart1

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March 19, 2007


Bring a kleenex box for the cubing assignment and colored paper.

We will begin classification of organisms(Ch 6) tomorrow.
We will discuss the need to classify the organisms and the scientists that came up with the idea of classification.
We will talk about the levels of classification
Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, family, Genus and Species.
We will then look at the taxonomic key and develop an taxonomic key.

The next 8 days student will be working on the learning center on Bacteria and Protist. Students will be divided into groups of 3. Half the class will start with Bacteria and the other half with the protist. They will switch the centers after 4 days.

Day 1: Students will work on a cubing assignment on Bacteria( they will be provided with 6 different questions)
H.W: Research a bacteria and bring in the information about the characteristics and its uses or how it is harmful.
Day 2: Lab: Bacteria and the living world
Finish the cubing assignment
Day 3: Work on the "Wanted" poster on Bacteria.
Day 4: Complete the poster and answer the virus questions

Day 1: Complete the lab: What lives in a drop of water?
Take notes.
Day 2: Work on the Poster: Create an imaginary poster on a protist from the planet Volvox.
Day 3: Eutrophication: Threat to clear and clean water :Identify, analyze and find a solution to the problem.
Day 4: Make a brochure on the importance of fungi.

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March 15, 2007

Take Home test

Take home test has been given to students. It is due on Monday. Students will use their test to put their answers on the scantron. If students do not have their test with them on Monday they will take the test with no help(without using their notes or textbook).Students will be given 20 minutes to finish the test.

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March 13, 2007

Jekyll Packets
I have collected the Jekyll packets today. If you did not turn in your packet it is due tomorrow for some credit. Points will be taken off since the packets were due Monday.

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March 06, 2007

Take Home Test:Ecology
Here is the take home test on Ecology. It is due on Monday, March 19th. TakeHometest.doc

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March 03, 2007

Jekyll Island

Please arrive at 5:30 A.M. on Monday for trip 1 and Wednesday for trip 2 students. We will return to school around 7:00P.M. on Wed. for trip 1 and Fri. for trip 2.
DVD and VHS tape players are available and students are encouraged to bring acceptable videos. Snacks will be provided on the bus going to and from Jekyll.
Rooms will not be locked during the day so please leave all your valuable things at home.Electronics will not be allowed during the classes. Mark all of your belongings and remember to bring your sleeping bag or bed linens and your pillow with you.

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