Making Learning Irresitable for Over 25 Years. Making Learning Irresitable for Over 25 Years.
Questions:Due Wednesday

Answer the following questions in paragraphs. Write minimum of one paragraph for each question. The paragraphs are due on or before Wednesday(No exceptions).
1: What did you learn in Science this year? ( Don't just mention the topic, explain in detail).
2: How would you describe your wildlife documentary project experience?(Was it helpful, did it help you remember some of the things you had learned in Science,
did you learn how to make an I-movie, did you like working in the groups you chose? )
3: Did you like your Science class this year?(Did you like life science) Why or Why not?

posted on: May 04, 2007

3rd Period:Workbook
Please complete Ch 1 only(Workbook) tonight.

posted on: April 17, 2007

Workbook:Ch 8 and 9:Sec 1 and 4
Please complete Ch 8:Sec 1 and 4 and Ch 9:Sec 1 and 4 for Homework.

posted on: April 10, 2007

Review guide and test
The test on Ch 6 and 7 will be Apr 10th. The test will be multiple choice based on the questions from the review guide. The review guide is due on Apr 9th (no exception) . Vocabulary has been given and is due on Friday(Mar 30th) Vocabulary ch 6and 7.doc R.Guide 6 and 7.doc

posted on: March 26, 2007

Take Home Test:Ecology
Here is the take home test on Ecology. It is due on Monday, March 19th. TakeHometest.doc

posted on: March 06, 2007

Ecology Vocab

Ecology vocabulary is due on Monday.Click below on the link.

posted on: February 08, 2007

Review guide:Evolution

Here is the review guide for evolution. Please complete it by wednesday. The test is Thursday. To receive credit,the review guide should be turned in on wednesday.

review guide

posted on: February 01, 2007

Students will write 10 different adaptations needed for desert dwelling organisms, 5 adaptations for bird and 5 fish adaptations. It is due on Tuesday. This H.W is part of the research for their project. It is due on Tuesday(No exceptions).Students who do not have their H.W will receive a 0 on their H.W and also on the project grade (since this paper is needed for the Project. adaptation.doc Students will complete analyze and conclude, questions 1 through 4.(page 153) tonight.

posted on: January 25, 2007

Vocabulary for evolution
3D Book2 Students have been working on the vocabulary in the class. Students who did not finish will finish it for homework. Words for the vocabulary are posted under classwork(Nature of Science).They will illustrate and define the words. It is due on Monday and will be counted as a classwork grade(No late work will be accepted.)

posted on: January 19, 2007

Human body: Study guide

Below is the study guide for the Human body test. Study guide is due on 18th of December.
Human body

posted on: December 06, 2006

Happy Holidays:No homework
There will be no Homework this weekend. We will be starting Human body Ch:16 from Monday. Happy Holidays!

posted on: November 21, 2006

Answers for the Study Guide
Here are the answers for the study guide. Study guide-1.doc

posted on: November 16, 2006

Study Guide:Ch 4

Study guide for Ch 4 will be given out today in class. The study guide is due on Thursday and the test will be on Friday. Study guide is graded as a homework grade however half credit will not be given if turned in the next day(Only exception is if the students are absent). The reason for not giving any credit is that students are given the answers to the questions on the assigned due date and students without the review guide are encouraged to write down the answers.

Notebook Quiz and Study guide due: Thursday Test:Friday
Below is the link for the study guide:
Study guide.doc

Table of contents for the Notebook Quiz

  1. Warm up
  2. Vocab
  3. Traits and Genes
  4. Genetic disorder(Student notes)
  5. Sex linked genes
  6. Advances in genetics(Student notes)

posted on: November 13, 2006


Students answered their questions in class on Thursday. I will be sending their answers home today.The check on the paper does not mean that I have graded the paper it only means that they have turned the paper in.
They need to type the paper and turn the rough copy stapled with the final copy on Monday(No exceptions). They also were asked not to write in first person so they must check their paper for that. They will need to check their paper for spelling mistakes and grammar.

They will be graded on correct answer 70%
Spelling mistakes and grammar 30%


posted on: November 10, 2006

Bring an article on genetic engineering, cloning or genetically modified food tomorrow to class depending on your interest in the subject. If you do not have a working computer talk to your family about the issue and bring in the information. We will write a 3-4 paragraph essay on the article. Click below for information about Genetic engineering Article on Cloning

posted on: November 08, 2006

Vocabulary: Ch 4
Here is the vocabulary words for Ch 4. Vocabulary-1.doc

posted on: October 30, 2006

Answer key: Review Guide:Ch 3

Below is the answer key for the study guide.
Review guide

posted on: October 29, 2006

Review guide:Ch 3

Notebook Quiz: Friday
Test: Monday: Oct 30th:Ch 3

2nd homework assignment is now due on Wednesday,Oct 25th instead of Tuesday.

Students have been given a review guide on Friday. It is due this Friday. Below is the link for the review guide.

Download file.

Few students have not turned the "All in the family" project. Students who did not finish the assignment in class were given extra time to work on it on friday. Parents please check I-parent to see if your child has turned in the assignment. I will give 50% if it is turned in tomorrow: Tuesday Oct 24th.

posted on: October 23, 2006

Think-Tac-Toe: Genetics

Students have homework on Genetics this week. It will be graded as a project grade. It has to be turned on the assigned date. 9 different assignments are given and students will choose 3 activities from each vertical column. Please click on the link below for further instructions.



posted on: October 15, 2006

Homework for Friday
Homework for Friday is the Vocabulary for Ch:3. It is due on Monday. vocab ch 3.doc

posted on: October 06, 2006

Homework:Ch 2: sec 3 and 4

Here is the homework for Ch 2:sec 3 and 4.Students can choose the activities from the following link.

posted on: September 24, 2006

Study Guide for Ch 1

Students will be tested on Ch:1(all sections) on Tuesday.
Review guide has been given for homework and will be graded as homework grade. It is due on Monday.
Review guide is due on the assigned date. Half credit will not be given if turned in the next day. We go over the review guide on the assigned date and students that did not finish the review guide are encouraged to write down the answers on their review guide.

Notebook Quiz will be on Monday. We will go over the review guide on Monday.

posted on: September 08, 2006

Homework: Characteristics And Needs(5- 8 Sept)

Tuesday 5th -8th
To review and reinforce characteristics and needs of living things, students will choose one of the two following assignments.

1: They can write to NASA explaining how the creature they found is alive. They have to include all the characteristics and needs of living things.
Is it Alive?

2: They can answer questions listed about needs and characteristics.
Mission: Life on Diaz

Click below for studet work

Mission:Life on Diaz

posted on: September 03, 2006

Vocabulary for Chapter 1

Students have started working on the Vocabulary in class. they will finish it at home and bring it to the class tomorrow. It will be counted as a homework grade.


posted on: August 29, 2006


To reinforce the scientific method, students will work on a project at home. Students can choose the topic they would like to investigate. They have to get an okay from their parents before they start the investigation. They will follow the steps of the scientific method.
Students put your creative and critical thinking hats and get ready to explore.

The project is due on August 29th. Students will turn in the project sheet for a grade.

Below is the sample project sheet for the paper towel project.
Download file

posted on: August 22, 2006

Lab Safety Contract

I have few students who have not turned in their lab safety contract. They will not be able to participate in the lab activity on Monday, if I don't get the contract. Please ask your child if they have turned in the lab safety contract(It is on a white paper).

posted on: August 18, 2006

Lab Safety Rule:Bookmark

Homework for Friday:
On a bookmark, draw pictures or create a comic strip of a lab safety rule being followed or broken. Select a rule from your lab safety manual which is # 2 in your binder.

For more instructions click on the link below.

Homework is due on Tuesday August 22nd.

posted on: August 17, 2006

Lab Contract

Lab Safety Contract has been sent home. Please bring your lab Safety Contract signed so you can participate in the activities done in class.

Turn in the parent information sheet if you have not done so.

posted on: August 16, 2006

Vocabulary: Muscles and Respiration

Vocabulary on muscles and respiratory system is due on Monday.
Download file

posted on: April 27, 2006

Review Guide: Ch 22,23 and 24

Here is the review guide for the test.

Do not forget to take your text book and your science binder home.

Download file

posted on: March 16, 2006

Vocabulary :Ch 22

Homework for March 2nd:

Complete vocabulary from ch 22.If you did not get the vocabulary sheet please write down the definition for all the bold-lettered words in you chapter.
Due on Monday :March 6th

posted on: March 01, 2006

Questions For The Test:Ch 8 and 9

Here are the questions for the test. Answer all of them in complete sentences. Maks sure you know the answers for all the questions. Test on chapter 8 and 9 is on Thursday.

Download file

posted on: February 27, 2006

Chapter 8 and 9

Homework for tonight is Vocabulary for chapter 8 and 9. It is due tomorrow. If you were absent write down the definition of bold typed words from your textbook for these chapter.

posted on: February 07, 2006

Review guide: Ch 7

Review guide was given today. It is due on Monday and will be graded for accuracy. It is worth 5 points on the test.

Below is the link for the guide.
Download file

posted on: February 03, 2006

Review Guide

Home work for Friday is to complete the review Guide. The review guide is due on Tuesday, January 17th.

Below is the link for the review guide.
Download file

posted on: January 14, 2006

Vocabulary: Chapter 6

Below is the link for the Vocabulary. The vocabulary is due on Monday :December 12th.
Download file

posted on: December 10, 2005

Study Guide:Chapter 5

Study guide on Chapter 5 will be given on Monday( November 5). The study guide is due on Wednesday( November 7).

REMEMBER to take your textbooks home.

Students who complete their study guide tend to do better on the test.

posted on: December 04, 2005

Nov 28: Vocabulary

Homework on Monday is to complete the Vocabulary for Chapter 5. Homework is due on Tuesday.

posted on: November 27, 2005

November 8th :Genetic Disorder

Students will choose any one disease from the following list and complete the graphic organizer. The Homework is due on Wednesday: November 9th .

Hemophilia, Down Syndrome, Cystic fibrosis, Sickle-Cell Disease and Huntington's disease.

Below is the link for the organizer
Download file

Click here for information on the diseases.

posted on: November 06, 2005

Nov 2: Homework

Students will be given the vocabulary for Chapter 4 and 5 on Wednesday and the Homework is due on Thursday.

posted on: October 29, 2005

4th period students

Please turn in your conference sheets tomorrow if you had received one.

posted on: October 02, 2005

Homework for September 20th

Students will read the article "How cells work?-Cell parts". They will contrast Bacterial cells to Human cells and write two paragraphs in their own words. Each paragraph should be atleast 8-10 sentences long.

They are only required to read the Cell parts. The assignment is due on Monday: September 26th. Students can type the assignment if they want.

Below is the URL for the article.

posted on: September 19, 2005

Homework: Review Guide

Review guide for the test is due on Wednesday : September 14th
It is very important that students finish their review guide.

posted on: September 11, 2005

Homework: Aug 29th and 30th

Aug 29th:
Vocabulary for Chapter 1 due.

Aug 30th :
Paper towel project due.

H.W: Is it Alive?
Objectives: Student's understanding of living and nonliving characteristics.
To assess students understanding they will write a letter to NAS, using facts they learned in class. They will have to prove that the thing they stumbled on in the fields, is alive.

Click on the link below to find the "Is it alive?" sheet.
Download file

posted on: August 28, 2005

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