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September 20, 2005
Eggcellent Eggsperiement

For the past week students have been learning about osmosis and diffusion through an egg experiment. Once the shell is removed, a raw egg serves as an excellent model of an animal cell. Students were able observe solutions of varying water concentration diffusing through the egg's membrane.

Egg diffusion.jpg

To conclude the laboratory experience, students will be spending the next week writing a lab report. Students may choose to present their data in the following formats: PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Key Notes, 3-sided display board, or Pod Casting. The project will be completed entirely in class and should require no outside resources. To view the project components, click on the link below.

Download file

1. Computation of mass and circumference
2. Application of knowledge of diffusion and osmosis
3. Deduction of daily lab data and results
4. Creation of lab report, rationale, data, and graphs

1. Eggcellent Eggsperiment Lab Journal
2. Eggcellent Eggsperiment Lab Report
3. Test


Standard Element: S7L5.1.d
Explain that tissues, organs, and organ systems serve the needs cells have for oxygen, food, and waste removal.

Standard Element: S7CS2.2.b
Scientific investigations usually involve collecting evidence, reasoning, devising hypotheses, and formulating explanations to make sense of collected evidence.

Standard Element: S7CS2.2.f

Scientists use technology and mathematics to enhance the process of scientific inquiry.

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