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January 20, 2006
Homework for the Weekend

Due Monday, January 23rd.

Students will use Chapter 6, Section 3 to create a "WANTED" (think Wild West or police search) poster for bacteria. Students may make a "WANTED" poster representing either an unlawful, harmful bacteria, or a desirable, helpful bacteria. Students may use their text book or Internet to research a type of bacteria.

- Color picture/graphic of the cell (may be hand drawn or computer generated; may include facial features, clothes, props, ect.)
- Genus and Species name (may be real or fictitious name, use correct punctuation)
- Explanation for why the bacteria is wanted (Harmful ex: strep throat, vomiting, food poisoning, spoiling food OR Helpful ex: food digestion, making milk, cheese, yogurt, medication)
- Description of physical characteristics (ex: spherical, rodlike, or spiral shape, color, etc).
- Where you would find the bacteria (Last seen.....ex: in the intestines, cheese factory, hiding in a pond, the bottom of your shoe)

Posters should be made on a sheet of computer paper, (no lines), but may also be made on construction paper, poster, etc.

Have a great weekend!

Posted by Ms. Larkin

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