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February 09, 2007
Mrs. Carroll's Students

Many of you have already handed your assignments in to me, but please make sure you have completed and turned in the following assignments by Monday:

1. Monday: Section Review - Page 169
2. Monday: TellTale Molecule Lab Skills - Page 170 (should be in lab journal)
3. Monday: Chapter Assessment #17-22 and #25-28 - Pages 172 and 173
4. Tuesday & Wednesday: Geography Lab Activity (should be in lab journal)
5. Thursday: Chapter Five Study Guide
6. Friday: Section Review - Page 693

As I mentioned on the board today, I will collect, score, and record any missing assignments on Monday, as well as share your test grades with you. We will be moving ahead to Chapters 22-24 and begin our unit on Ecology. I will be teaching your class on Monday and am looking forward to exploring ecosystems, habitats, communities, populations, and organisms with you!

Posted by Ms. Larkin

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