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November 14, 2006
Tuesday, November 14

Today we did a self-check on Practice 7-10 (Solving and Graphing Inequalities). We then went over any questions from this assignment. Then, I assigned the following as a comprehensive review for Friday's test on Ch. 7:
Pg. 623 Lesson 7-1 (2-18 even)
Lesson 7-2 (2-18 even)
Pg. 624 Lesson 7-3 (2-18 even)
Pg. 626 Lesson 7-8 (first column)
Lesson 7-9 (first column)
Lesson 7-10 (first column)
I passed out the solutions for this assignment so that you may check as you work through these problems. This assignment will be due on THURSDAY.
In addition, there will be a study session on Thursday morning at 8:20 am.
Other announcements: Hold onto the 1/2 sheet of warm-up problems that we worked on in class on Monday. We will complete more of these problems in class tomorrow. There will be a Chapter 7 Notebook Check on Monday, November 20th. The checklist will be posted this week. I will also pass one out in class.

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