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December 08, 2006
Friday, December 8

Whew! What a week it has been...I apologize for not posting a blog since Tuesday. I was out unexpectedly Wed and Thurs with a sick child. So, in this blog, I want to summarize/recap the week. On Wednesday, my substitute checked and took questions over Workbook Practice 8-5. He then passed out 2 worksheets for the students to complete for homework (to be due Thursday): 1) "Did you hear about..." worksheet (percents) and Percent of Change worksheet (1/2 sheet of paper with 10 word problems). On Thursday, the students worked on 2 more worksheets: 1) Practice Fraction Problems and 2)"What do you get when you..." (percent of increase/decrease word problems). Today, we regrouped...I passed back the quiz and students completed quiz corrections in class and turned them in. We then worked on Accelerated Math. As for the work this week...I took a homework grade for Workbook Practice 8-5. I collected the 2 worksheets which were passed on Wednesday. You should place the worksheets from Thursday in your math notebooks for the next notebook check. There is no homework this week-end. Have a good one!

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