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December 13, 2006
Wednesday, December 13

Today in class we went over the homework that was assigned yesterday (Pgs. 374-376; #9-31 all). This is the Chapter Review at the end of Chapter 8. After taking questions on this assignment, I passed out a "Mock" Test with an answer key, so that you may check your answers. This will be due tomorrow. After going over questions from the "Mock" Test, we will review with whiteboards. The Chapter 8 Test will be Friday and there will be a study session Friday morning before school beginning at 8:20 am. The notebook for Chapter 8 will be due on Monday, December 18. The notebook contents are as follows:
1. add/subtract positive and negative fractions and decimals worksheet(1/2 sheet of paper - 10 problems)
2. Using Integers worksheet (1/2 sheet of paper - 10 word problems)
3. "What did cupid say...?" worksheet
4. 8-1 Workbook (study guide and practice)
5. 8-2/8-3 Notes
6. 8-3 Workbook (practice)
7. Holiday Shopping Extravaganza
8. More Percent Practice worksheet (large and small percents)
9. 8-5 Notes
10. 8-5 Workbook (practice)
11. "Did you hear about?" worksheet
12. Percent of Change worksheet (1/2 sheet of paper - 10 problems)
13. Practice Fraction Problems worksheet
14. "What do you get when you..." worksheet
15. 8-6 Notes
16. 8-6 Workbook (study guide- selected problems and practice)
17. Pgs. 374-376 (#9-31 all)
18. Mock Test with Answer Key

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