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January 19, 2007
Friday, January 19

Today we worked on Accelerated Math. I also passed back the Chapter 9 Test. I gave the students 2 options of earning some points back on this test. They are as follows:
Option 1: Several students across the board missed some or all of #9,#10, #11 and #12. I have considered this and have come to the conclusion that this concept needs to be re-taught. So, you may choose to earn back points on any or all of these problems. They are worth 3 points each.


Option 2: If you did not miss these (congratulations!), but missed other problems on the test, you may do corrections on ANY problems that you missed and earn back 1 point per correction (of course, it must be correct!)

So, decide which option will be more advantageous for you and on a separate piece of paper which you will staple to the front of your test either:
1: specify that you want points back for some or all of #9-#12


2: complete corrections for any problems that you have missed

This will be due at the beginning of class on Monday. Also, please bring your protractors to class on Monday. Finally, if you scored a 73 or below on the test, be sure to get a parent signature. Have a good week-end!

Posted by Mrs. McCrery

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