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January 30, 2007
Tuesday, January 30

Today in class we checked the classwork from yesterday: Workbook Study Guide AND Practice 5-1 and 5-2. Then, we completed notes (a graphic organizer) on 5-3 Classifying Quadrilaterals. We also completed 2 class activities with quadrilaterals : Sorting Quadrilaterals and Quadrilateral Characteristics. The homework for tonight is to complete textbook page 203 (4-19/OMIT #8). We will have a geometry vocabulary quiz on Friday and a study session friday morning before school at 8:15 am. Also, parents, I appreciate your patience as I have not yet posted last week's grades. I am working on this and hope to have all classes updated by tomorrow (Wednesday). Thank-you.

On a personal note, I apologize for not posting a blog yesterday as I was out quite unexpectedly. We had a fire at our house late Sunday night. I have told the students what happened and asked them each to check with their parents to make sure that their homes have a fire extinguisher. Fortunately, my husband remained calm and knew the location of our fire extinguisher. The scariest part was that it happened late at night (at about midnight) when normally we would have all been asleep; however, my husband had stayed awake a little later than usual, thank goodness, so he was able to extinguish it before it could have potentially become devastating.

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