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April 10, 2007
Tuesday, April 10

We are having a busy week in BAG class! Today we completed 4 more equation problems for the warm-up activity. We then checked and went over the 2nd page (front and back) of CRCT Review Packet #4. We checked last night's homework on Transformations. Finally, I explained Box and Whisker Plots. The homework for tonight is to complete Workbook Practice 4-5. Do not follow the directions in the workbook. Please do the following instead:
1. Order the data from least to greatest, if necessary
2. Find the range (greatest number minus least number)
3. Find the median (middle number OR average of the 2 middle numbers)
4. Find the lower and upper quartiles
5. Draw a box and whisker plot
Please be sure to complete this assignment on a separate sheet of notebook paper.

Finally, there will be a test this Friday which will cover the following material:
reading a frequency table (covered before spring break)
reading a histogram (covered before spring break)
reading a circle graph (to be covered Wednesday)
mean, median and mode (covered before spring break)
make a line plot (covered before spring break)
box and whisker plots (covered today)
scatter plots (to be covered Wednesday)
We will review this Thursday (especially those topics covered before spring break), and there will be a study session this Friday before school.

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