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August 09, 2005
Class Procedures

Ms. Moncrieff’s Math – 8C
Important Math Information
Mathematics and Connections, Course 3

Welcome to MAC 3!! I am thrilled to have you in class and sincerely hope that those of you “math lovers” can continue to love math and those of you “non-math lovers” may discover that math isn’t so bad. I want to remind you that as an eighth grade student, it is my job to make sure you are prepared for high school. Please plan to come to class ready to learn, complete all homework assignments (expect about 30 minutes nightly). Be prepared to always show your work for full credit. It this has not been your pattern in the past, it soon will be and you will quickly see the benefit!!

Materials – You will need to have the following with you everyday…
1. Math notebook – three ring binder with loose leaf paper
2. Graph paper
3. Calculator (recommend
4. Pencils, no pen, erasable or not, will be accepted

Extra Help Sessions

Extra help sessions will be offered on days of quizzes/tests. They will begin at 8:15 and are intended to be review sessions. Please take advantage of the extra practice. Come prepared with specific questions to maximize the use of this time. Students that attend extra help sessions will receive three bonus points that can be used at their discretion on quizzes.

Absences/Make-up Work
Keep in mind, you ARE responsible for all work missed due to an absence. Please check my blog or call a friend to find out missing work. You are allotted the same number of days to make up your work as you were out. It is strongly suggested that any tests/quizzes that need to be made up be done on Tuesday morning during extra help session to eliminate additional out of class time. This will truly benefit you!

Classroom Rules and Policies
1. Arrive to class on time. I need to start class promptly. Unexcused tardiness will result in disciplinary action.
2. Upon arrival, go directly to your seat and take out last night’s homework and be prepared to start class immediately.
3. Remain in your seat unless given permission to be up.
4. Take care of sharpening pencils before class.
5. A # 2 pencil shall be used at all times. Any work done in ink will be re-done in pencil. Avoid the extra work, be prepared.
6. Every minute in class is important. Please always remember to raise your hand. Any unnecessary interruptions or disruptions will be handled quickly in order to maximize our time on task.
7. Cheating will NOT be tolerated and all guilty parties will receive a grade of a zero.
8. Please show respect for other classmates, the teacher and yourself at all times.

I know it sounds tough, but we will actually have a wonderful year if we all follow these simple guidelines. I am truly here to help you learn and hope to help you enjoy your 8th grade math experience. Let’s work together towards a positive and successful school year!

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