Making Learning Irresitable for Over 25 Years. Making Learning Irresitable for Over 25 Years.
Fun math websites that student's have located and want to share...

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posted on: October 28, 2006

Great websites to practice with      interactive, students plug in whole numbers and the program generates the problems and checks for them.  practice with integers and order of operations with answers to follow on the same page…   website with lots of possible practice in several categories…  puzzle with integers, interactive  solving equations with variables on both sides and you can keep score  good practice of equations with multiple signs  great general for algebra practice and tips(basics too), interactive practice, but it does separate adding/subtracting from multiplying and dividing and this is generally where the kids have problems when they are all in together.

posted on: September 27, 2006

My First Podcast

To introduce myself to you and your family, feel free to watch my first podcast!

posted on: August 23, 2006


Welcome to one of Mabry's newest and finest additions! I am excited to present a new, fast and efficient method to communciate with you and keep you abreast with homework, upcoming assessments, study groups, etc...Please check the site on a daily basis as I plan to keep it updated with any and all pertinent information to help you be as successful as you can! Here's to a terrific year!

posted on: August 09, 2005


Welcome to my 8th grade Math Blog!

posted on: June 19, 2005

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