Making Learning Irresitable for Over 25 Years. Making Learning Irresitable for Over 25 Years.
Parent Mentors

Parent Mentors are available to help families of children with special needs. These mentors do a wonderful job of helping parents understand various issues such as types of diplomas that can be awarded from high school, accommodations and modifications as well as resources that might be available. When you have a question and would like to hear an answer or opinion of another parent, you could contact our (Cobb County) parent mentors. What a great resource for our parents!

Phone 770 529-0046

posted on: January 17, 2007

Vocational Assessment

During the month of October, all eighth-grade Special Education students will take the Career Survey and Interest Survey. The tentative date, at this time, is October 25, 2006.
The Carl Perkins Act guarantees that all Special Education students will receive a vocational assessment. The results of these assessments can be invaluable in helping students understand their own areas of strength and interest. When the results are returned to the student, a chart is included which indicates possible fields of study in relation to the student's strengths and interests. This is good information for all of us - students, parents and teachers.

posted on: October 03, 2006

A New School Year

We are off to a great start of a new school year. Our students and teachers are eager and willing to have the best school year ever! Caseload managers are contacting parents to make introductions and let you know that your child is in good hands. We look forward to seeing you at Open House on August 28 (6th grade) and August 29 (7th and 8th grade).

posted on: August 22, 2006

Making Learning Irresitable for Over 25 Years.
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