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August 16, 2006
McCall's PE Class Rules

Every teacher has a set of class rules they want their students to abide by, mine are pretty short and straight forward.

Ms. McCall's Class Rules

Parents & Students: Please refer to the PE dept. regulations and policies for all other questions and rules.
Each student was given a PE signature packet to read and sign along with their parents the first day of school.
Please turn the signed papers into your homeroom teachers and they will get them back to us!

**please have parents make special notes on that sheet for any medical restrictions the student may have that would limit PE participation. For example; exercise induced asthma, allergies/epi-pens, injured joints, medications, etc.

Parents, If there are any questions please e-mail me at    instead of calling my school voicemail. Being a PE teacher keeps me away from a phone almost every minute of the school day. I will respond to my e-mails as quickly as possible, I promise!
also as far as supplies we always need band aids and Jolly Ranchers!
Thanks! Ms. McCall

Posted by Coach McCall

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