Making Learning Irresitable for Over 25 Years. Making Learning Irresitable for Over 25 Years.
Fish Progam

The Mabry Pe & Connections Fish Program is a Positive Reinforcement Program.

Let a Connections or PE teacher catch you doing something Fish Worthy (good and positive).

Fish Highlights----
Weekly Prizes Awarded for each grade level.
Student Donations score an automtaic Fish.
Fish cannot be taken away once given out.
9 weeks prize drawing, if donations allow?
Grand Kahuna Prize at end of Year!!

See the Fish Program category on blog for more details and to download a donation letter. We need alot of cool donations because we have so many great kids at Mabry! Please help us keep the Fish alive! Please E-mail Ms. McCall to donate prizes for this way cool program!

posted on: August 09, 2005

Fish Program Donations

*The Fish Program----- Mabry Connections classes started the "Fish Program" 2 years ago to encourage and reward positive behavior amongst Mabry students. Connection teachers award a "Fish" to deserving students for good things done in their classes; like good manners, great improvement in skills or behavior, and helpful students that go the extra mile to help teachers out!

*Fish Tank Drop-Off ----- Mabry students drop their "Fish" off in the Fish Tank on Wednesday mornings in their commons. Connections teachers draw names out of the "Fish Tanks" on Fridays and award students various prizes from school supplies to T-shirts & Candy that they donate either themselves or acquire through community donations.

**Grand Kahuna Celebration---- At the end of the year Connections teachers draw 1 name from each grade level for the "Grand Kahuna Prize", and during each grade connections period the Connections teachers and students have a culminating activity where a Grand prize is given to a lucky fish winner!


Mrs. Spannagel & Mrs. Smith hand out weekly Friday Fish Prizes in Mabry's Skylight area.


Kyle tries out his Go-Cart at last year's Fish Celebration, as the 6th grade "Grand Kahuna" end of year winner!

If you think you can help out the Fish Program click on this link Download fish_donation_letter_1103.jpg for the Fish donation letter to get more details or E-mail Ms. McCall at and thanks for your support!

posted on: March 19, 2005

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