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Field Day Reminders-DO's and DON'TS

Field Day Reminders.......


posted on: May 10, 2007

Last days of Intramurals!




Basketball will not be a choice till Thursday, due to the film festival set-up/breakdown in the gym.

We will have some outside activities as well as racquetball in the covered play area.

Soccer -Tuesday
Flag Football-Thursday/Friday


posted on: April 23, 2007

6/7th grade Hoops Standings

Congratulations to the Blue Team for their 9-1 Record and coming in first place in the standings!
I am very pleased with our turnout and finishing strong for our first ever Mabry Hoops League.
Next year we hope to have a tournament and some individual and team awards for players.
This year we held the "Breakfast of Champions" for the 2 first place teams on Friday 4/13/07.

Overall Placement for 6/7th grade league.

1st - Blue
2nd- Gold
3rd- Black
4th- Pink
5th- Orange
6th- Cardinal

posted on: April 16, 2007

7th grade hoops update

There are 3 games left to be made up this Thursday.

Orange vs. Blue  8:15
Cardinal vs. Gold  8:15
Pink vs. Orange  8:30

Be there to support your team and finish the season strong!
The season standings will be up by next monday after all games are made up!
Check here and PE area bulletin boards for more updates!

posted on: April 09, 2007

6/7th Grade Hoops League

6th/7th Grade Intramurals  is almost done. We have just a few make-up games to play!

Check the schedule  when you get back from spring break!

posted on: April 07, 2007

8th Grade Hoops Standings

Check below for the 8th grade hoops league standings.

8th Grade Hoops Standings.doc

Congratulations to the Green Team for their 9-1 , 1st place record!

posted on: April 07, 2007

Soccer Coming to Mabry Intramurals

We will be having four soccer days during Mabry intramurals beginning on Monday April 9th. Sign-in will be in the gym 8:00 until 8:15 as it is for regular intramurals and then we will move to the Mabry PE field. Soccer players of all grade levels and experience are welcome. If you can't make it on the 9th, hopefully you will be able to join us on one of the following dates:

Tuesday, April 17th
Tuesday, April 24th
Tuesday, May 1st
There are no make-up dates in case of rain.
See you all there.

posted on: March 30, 2007

Volleyball mini-league

Well, spring break is nearly here and we had a great time with our  mini-volleyball league!
Hopefully it helped improve skills for those mad beach games you will undertake next week!
here are a few pics from the volleyball games!

Img 0941Trenton G.Serves for power!

Img 0958Andrew K. gets down to floor to dig up a ball.

Img 0947Ellen H. shows great form in her overhand serve!

posted on: March 29, 2007

Field Day T-Shirt Design Contest!

Turn in your favorite T-shirt design for this year's field day to one of the PE teachers by next friday 3/16.

  1. designs must be school appropriate.
  2. designs must at least have the year, "2007, Mabry, and Field Day", words printed on them.(there can be more)
  3. designs will have the color of the shirt, and one other color for design, only, printed on shirt.
  4. designs should be on 8.5 x 11 paper when sketched
  5. deadline to turn in for consideration Friday 3/16/07
  6. Good Luck!

posted on: March 09, 2007

No Intramural league games this thursday-3/7/07

3/7-Thursday hoops league games will be re-scheduled at end of league due to 7th graders being gone on school trip to Jekyll Island.
The gym will still be available for pick up hoops games!

posted on: March 07, 2007

Hoops for Heart 2007

Mabry will be participating in the annual Hoops for Heart event during March. If you are interested in helping to raise money for our local American Heart Association, you can pick up a Hoops for Heart envelope from a Physical Education teacher and begin collecting donations. Individuals may earn prizes based on the donations they raise. Friends and family can even donate for you on line if they choose. Any checks should be made out to the American Heart Association.
So you think you can shoot hoops??? If you would like the chance to play against some of your teachers on March 16th, join together with some friends to form a team. The two teams bringing in the highest TOTAL in donations will get to play against the teachers while the rest of your classmates watch. Not to be talking "smack", but last year, the teachers really cleaned up and taught the students a different kind of lesson. Got it in you? Pick up a Hoops for Heart packet today and earn the right to show your teachers a thing or two. We are hoping to set a school goal with donations this year. We are aiming high.... $5,000.00. I think we can do it! Look for posters in the hallways and packets in the P.E. area.

posted on: February 20, 2007

Volleyball every Tuesday till spring break!

Hey everyone! Get your volleyball skills tuned up for the beach and break by coming to Intramurals Tuesday mornings from 8-8:45 am!
I know it's early, but it will be worth it when you get to spring break and amaze your friends with your sweet volleyball skills!

Bring your own team and challenge all comers in our awesome King/Queen of the court format!
Games are fast and furious and fun! Teams can be 2,3,4,5 or 6 person teams!

T-mac challenges any and all comers that want to be schooled in this awesome sport!

If we get enough takers we'll have a tourney at end before break.
So Bring a friend and bring the game on!

posted on: February 13, 2007

Mabry Hoops League Pre-Season

The last practice games(pre-season) are Thursday and Friday,1/25-26/07, to get the teams as even as possible. If team members miss these practice games the teams may not come out even. Please make it to pre-season games to work on team strategies and positions before season starts and to pick team names.

The last day to order team shirts (jerseys) is this Friday. We are hoping to raise money for an portable electronic scoreboard to use for all Mabry Intramural leagues and for PE and Field day!

T-shirts are $10.00  put the check made out to Mabry in a white money envelope and seal it with information on front and drop into black box in your grade level commons.

posted on: January 25, 2007

Hoops League SIgn ups!

Mabry will start it's 1st ever Hoops league soon!

Get down to bulletin board outside of Covered Play Area and check it out!

Registration forms go out Tuesday 1/15/07.

6-7th graders play on Thursday mornings

8th graders play on Friday mornings

Team Shirts will be on sale for your team on registration form.  See Link Below

Hoops league form.doc

Girls can form a separate team or mix in co-ed with Boys, but will play in same league by grade!
(no girls league only, sorry?)

So get your A-Game ready and Bring It, down to the gym, for the Mabry Hoops League!

posted on: January 12, 2007

Mabry Flag Bowl week 2006

The Mabry Flag Football leagues present bowl week 2006. This is the culminating event of our Flag football season and is sure to be a good time.

Tuesday Morning
Ducks vs FruitCups
Twisters vs Huskies ( the rematch!)
Orchestra vs LEmurs

Boys Bowls are all Thursday league vs Friday League MAtchups and will be played as follows:

Wednesday Morning

SteelDogs vs Rampage
Destroyers vs Cobras
Swarm vs Orchestra

Thursday Morning

Vipers vs Hammerheads
SabreCats vs Band
Sizzlin Bacon vs Barracudas

posted on: December 15, 2006

Girls Super Bowl to be held Wednesday

The Super Bowl Game between the Twisters and the Huskies will be held Wednesday morning during intramurals (8:00)

posted on: December 11, 2006

Boys Flag Semis to be held on Tuesday 12/12

The Semifinals of the Boys Flag football playoffs will be held Tomorrow at 8:00. The matchups are as follows:

Vipers vs Rampage
SteelDogs vs Band

posted on: December 11, 2006

The Playoffs are coming!!!

So what we got rained out this week! We have a lot to be thankful for including the upcoming Flag football playoffs and Bowl Week! We will make up the missed games the week after we feast on Turkey and College Football! Then the real fun begins!

In case you all have forgotten, here are your previous Mabry Bowl Champions.



Who's Next?

posted on: November 17, 2006

Girls Flag Football League Standings

Here are the up to date standings with one game left to play before the playoffs.


posted on: November 17, 2006

Boys Flag Football-Week 7 Standings

Attached is a copy of the current standings w/ one game left to play. Remember that the division winners make the playoffs as well as one Wildcard team from each day. The 2 wildcards go to the teams with the best record that did not win their division. Good luck boys.

Boys Flag Standings

posted on: November 16, 2006

Flag Football Cancelled for Friday

Due to the heavy rains yesterday, our field is still far too muddy for Flag football. All 3 leagues will make up this week's games on their normal day the week after Thanksgiving. A revised playoff schedule will be released next week.

posted on: November 16, 2006

Beauty Day Pics!

Mrs. Decker, from our attendance office here at Mabry, was nice enough to put on a Health & Beauty Day Clinic for Girls during Tuesday morning Intramurals!
Thanks Mrs. Decker for sharing your expertise and for the Mary Kay door prizes!

Img 2198 Mrs. Decker applies Blush to 7th grader, Sarah E. while she sits in the 'make-over chair'!

Img 2203 7th grade girls practice putting on their 'Mascara face'!

Img 2202 Mrs. Decker talks eye shadow during Beauty Day.

posted on: November 15, 2006

Girls Flag Football Rained Out

The girls Flag football league games scheduled for tommorow morning (11/15/06) have been postponed due to threatening weather. We will have a make-up day Tuesday Morning at 8 AM. Spread the word to teammates so that we can have 100% turnout for the makeup games.

posted on: November 14, 2006

Girls Football rained out on 11/15 ..again!

Girls, what bad luck!
Your game on this wed. 11/15 is rained out!    for 2nd week in a row......
Coach Graber will blog the make-up day. keep checking this blog for details!
Please call your teammates and pass the word please!

posted on: November 14, 2006

Girls Flag Football Makeup has been moved to Monday!

The Rained out Flag Football games from Wednesday November 8th have been rescheduled for Monday November 13th! The league will also play Wednesday November 15th the regularly scheduled day.

See you there!

posted on: November 10, 2006

Girls Flag Football Rained out.

The girls flag football games scheduled for Tomorrow morning have been postponed due to rain. We will make up these games on Tuesday morning. That means that the girls Flag league will play both Tuesday and Wednesday of next week! In the meantime stay dry.

posted on: November 07, 2006

Girls Health & Beauty Day in Intramurals!

Girls don't get left out on Beauty Day on Tuesday, November 14th @ 8:00am.

*Sign up for a spot before they all fill up!

*Sign up on the Health & Beauty day sheet taped to the Whiteboard in the Girls Locker room.

There are only 30 spots available and it will be held in the Health room down by the boys Locker room on 11/14 @ 8:00 am-8:45 am. Sign ups start on Thursday 11/2.

Intramural Beauty Dayposter

Pick up a Permission slip from Girls Locker room if your name is on the sign up list.
You will have to turn in permission slip to use any sample products.

Beauty Day Flyer:Ps

Girls make-up football game has been moved to Monday 11/13- so as not to interfere with Beauty Day! Thanks Coach Graber!

posted on: October 31, 2006

Flag Football Jerseys collecting Dust

If you ordered a flag football jersey and haven't picked it up yet, PLEASE see Coach Graber as soon as possible to receive your jersey.

posted on: October 27, 2006

Friday Boys Flag Football Schedule

2006 Friflagschedule

posted on: October 13, 2006

Boy's Thursday Flag Football Schedule

2006 Thursday Flagschedule

posted on: October 13, 2006

Girls Flag Football Schedule

Here it is at long last!

2006 Wedflagschedule

posted on: October 13, 2006

Flag Football T-shirt Update

I was told today by Campus Sports that our Flag Football shirts will be ready either October 17th or 18th. They will be distributed as soon as they come in!

posted on: October 12, 2006

PP and K moved to Wednesday

Due to the rainy weather, Punt, pass and kick makeups will now be on Wednesday morning. The event will run along sode the Girls flag football practice games. Remember to bring your signed registration form.

posted on: September 19, 2006

Flag Football Leagues signing up now!

For the fourth year, Mabry will have both Boy's and Girls Flag Football Leagues during Morning Intramurals. Boys will play either on Thursday or Friday depending on their team. All girl's teams will play on Wednesday. Returning players do not have to turn in a registration form unless they are purchasing a new shirt. Team colors and screens have stayed the same so if a returning player still has their old shirt, there is no need to purchase a new one. Returning players do however need to let Coach Graber know they intend to play by signing the returning player list on the bulletin board outside the entrance to the covered play area. New players which would consist of any 6th graders and 7th and 8th graders who did not play last year need to turn in a registration form no later than Friday September 8th. You may print one by clicking on the document below or obtain one from the bulletin board in the hall outside the Covered Play Area.

Mabry Flag Football League

posted on: August 30, 2006

Join the Intramural Council

The Mabry Intramurals  Council is looking for a few good students with these qualities.

If you think you want to join this important leadership council here are some of the duties this council will be expected to help with.

If you are interested in joining the Mabry Intramural Council for the 06-07 school year please download and complete this application below. Do not alter this application in any way. Please use the back of form if not enough room on the front to answer questions. Please follow directions and Good Luck!

Intramural Council Application-2.doc

The deadline for turning this application into Ms. McCall is 9/6/06. Selections will be posted on this blog when council is completed. Please continue to check this blog for all your intramural needs.

posted on: August 28, 2006

Intramurals start Monday 8/28/06

Welcome back Mabry students! Get your sneakers ready for some action starting Monday August 28th!

        Mabry Intramural Facts

Well that pretty much covers our Intramural program. If you have any other questions please keep checking this blog or e-mail Ms. McCall.

posted on: August 24, 2006

Flag Football Captain Application

As has been the tradition in past years, 2 captains will be selected for each of our intramurals flag football teams. The captains are responsible for attending the Draft meeting with Coach Graber as well as making sure that the team has a high level of unity and that every member gets an equal opportunity to participate. The position of captain is open to all returning 8th grade players, however due to the incredible increase in interest in the captain position we are incorporating an application.
How to apply:

Download the application, fill it out and turn it in to Coach Graber no later than Wednesday August 30, 2006.


posted on: August 24, 2006

Welcome Back!

I Hope everybody had a great summer! I am looking forward to a great school year. See you all soon!

posted on: August 07, 2006

Welcome Back!

I Hope everybody had a great summer! I am looking forward to a great school year. See you all soon!

posted on: August 07, 2006

Last Day of Intramurals

The last day of Intramurals for the 2005-2006 school year will be Monday, May 15th 2006. Thank you to all of our students who made intramurals a success this year! See you at Intramurals in August!

posted on: May 14, 2006

Intramural Hoops

Hey kids,  Girls football play-offs, and SuperBowl finish next week, and believe it or not........... there is life after the Superbowl! Just ask these Basketballers hooping it up!

Come out on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays for some basketball to start your day off right!

IMG_8874.JPGPeter H. goes for a loose basketball in a morning hoops game.

IMG_8868.JPGJohn M. shows off his shooting form at morning hoops intramurals.

posted on: December 15, 2005

Mabry Superbowl HIghlight pics

Here are a few highlight pics from the Intramural flag football Superbowl championship game!

Steel Dogs win it all!

IMG_8722.JPG8th grader, Hudson M., leads the Steel Dogs to Victory with his QB skills!

IMG_8723.JPGBrian D. carries the ball for the Vipers.

IMG_8731.JPGCoach Graber  marks the ball for a Viper 1st down.

posted on: November 30, 2005

Vipers playoff success continues

For the third straight year, the Vipers have advanced to the semifinals. They accomplished this by defeating the 2003 league champion Barracudas 35-20 on Thursday morning with another stifling defensive effort. The win sets up a Friday morning showdown between the Vipers and the defending champion Hammerheads. The winner will move on to Mabry Bowl III.

posted on: November 17, 2005

SteelDogs in Semifinals

On Thursday The SteelDogs punched their tickets to the semifinal with their first playoff win in the team's 3 year history. The SteelDogs took care of business by handing the Rampage a 27-13 loss keyed by explosive runs by Tres G. and the passing of Hutson M. the SteelDogs will meet the SabreCats in the Semifinals Friday morning at 8AM. The winner gets a spot in Mabry Bowl III.

posted on: November 17, 2005

Boy's playoff teams set

The following teams have clinched playoff spots.

Division Champs- Vipers,Hammerheads, SabreCats
Thursday Wildcard- Steel Dogs

The other Friday division winner and the 2nd wildcard spot will be settled tomorrow morning at 8:00 in the game between the Barracudas and the Rampage.

posted on: November 10, 2005

Boys Flag Football Standings

Download file

posted on: October 27, 2005

Girls Flag Football Standings-week 4

Download file

posted on: October 27, 2005

Girls Flag Football Standings

Week 3 was exciting! I can hardly wait for week 4! Click below to see how your team is doing!Download file

posted on: October 20, 2005

Intrmaurals schedule updated

So you want to know in advance what is going on at Mabry intramurals? Click below to download the schedule for the rest of October and all of November. We have added Volleyball and Wiffleball to the Monday morning schedule. Remember, sign-in is from 8:00 until 8:15 in the Gymnasium.Download file

posted on: October 20, 2005

Flag Football Intramural Pics

Check out these Pics of the Girls Flag Football League! If you didn't sign up this year, don't miss out next year!
There will be a Co-ed Team Handball League starting up after Christmas Break, don't get left out!

Listen for the announcements and check this blog every few days for updates and events!

Mabry Girl Athletes Rule!



posted on: October 19, 2005

Flag Football Shirts are here!

Any student who hasn't picked up their flag football jersey needs to see Coach Graber ASAP to pick it up.

posted on: October 05, 2005

September Intramurals attendance

In the month of September participation was 843 students. This is great, but 512 of those were flag football participants. You guys know I love football, but our program has alot more to offer than just leagues. We have Basketball, racquetball, and team handball every week and many special events in the works. So come and join us on the other days of the week as well.

Hope to see you in the Gym!

Coach G!

posted on: October 05, 2005

Girls Flag regular season underway!

Tuesday marked the beginning of the regular season for the Girls flag football league. Week one winners included Fruit Cups, Twisters, and Lemurs. We hope to see everyone there next Tuesday as the action heats up in week 2.

posted on: October 05, 2005

Boys Flag Standings- Week 3

Download file

Good Luck in Week 4!

posted on: October 05, 2005

Girls Flag Football Schedule

Download file

posted on: October 05, 2005

Friday Flag Football Schedule

Download file

posted on: October 05, 2005

Thursday Flag Football Schedule

Download file

posted on: October 05, 2005

Flag Football Draft

Mabry's Flag Football draft was a huge success! The boys draft was last week, and the girls draft was today. Girls start their season tomorrow morning at 8:00 am sharp! Remember, you can only enter intramurals through the gym doors, and only between 8:00-8:15 am. Good luck to all of the Mabry football teams!

Here are a few pics from draft day at Mabry

Coach Graber leads the way!



8th grade captains, Andrew & Jimmy, get in the spirit of Draft Day and pick a great team for this season!

posted on: September 12, 2005

Flag Football playbook resources

Check out the pass routes and plays. These may be useful for league games.

posted on: September 07, 2005

Girls Flag Football Update

Due to the addition of the Band and Orchestra teams, some restructuring of the league is necessary. This is of course taking some time. We will post teams later this week, and plan to have preseason games on Tuesday September 13th.

posted on: September 06, 2005

Boys Flag Football Preseason Games announced

This week we will play preseason games against teams from the opposite division to "shake the rust off" our game. Some teams will be playing on a different day than normal.

Thursday Games(9/8): Destroyers vs Hammerheads; Vipers vs Barracudas;
Sizzlin' Bacon vs Rampage

Friday Games(9/9): SabreCats vs Cobras; Swarm vs Band; Steel Dogs vs Orchestra

posted on: September 06, 2005

Boys Flag Football Teams and days

The Boys Flag Football teams have been selected and we are ready to begin playing games. Each team has a designated game day during the regular season which is either Thursday or Friday. All regular season games will be held on that designated day. This week's preseason games and future playoff games maybe held on the opposite day. All games will be @ 8:00 A.M.

Thursday League Teams are: Swarm, Destroyers, Vipers, Sizzlin' Bacon, SabreCats, and Steel Dogs.

Friday League Teams are: Band, Orchestra, Hammerheads, Rampage, Cobras, and Barracudas.

posted on: September 06, 2005

Flag Football LEague Sign-ups to begin..

Intramurals announces the 3rd annual Mabry Flag Football Leagues. Forms may be picked up on the Intramurals bulletin board outside the covered play area beginning Thursday, August 18th.

IMG_4273.JPG Drew S. & Andrew W. model some Flag Football Sweatshirts! IMG_4272.JPG

posted on: August 24, 2005

Download Flag football form

Download file

posted on: August 23, 2005

Mabry Flag Football Leagues explained

Mabry Intramurals has as a traditional Fall sports activity 2 flag football leagues. A girls flag football league consisting of 6 teams that plays on Tuesday mornings during intramurals. The boys league is made up of 12 teams

which are split into two divisions meeting on Thursday and Friday Mornings during intramurals. When a student joins the league they are placed on a team of which they will be a permanent member. For example, our current 8th graders have been playing together since 6th grade. We even have two organizations (Band and Orchestra) that field Flag football teams, adding to the excitement. If you wish to play, all you have to do is return a registration form that is available on the Intramurals Bulletin board directly across from the Health Room. Deadline for registering is August 30th.

posted on: August 17, 2005

Boys Flag Football Draft Order set..

As in the past our 8th grade team captains will pick new players in a secret closed door draft meeting with Coach Graber. This year the draft will be held on September 1st. The Draft order will be as follows:

1. SteelDogs
2. Swarm
3. Sizzlin Bacon
4. Cobras
5. Barracudas
6. Rampage
7. Vipers
8. Destroyers
9. SabreCats

posted on: August 16, 2005

Intramurals Start Date

Mabry Intramurals will begin on Tuesday, September 6th...

In the meantime check back here for information regarding sign-ups for the 3rd season of the Mabry Flag Football league.

posted on: August 11, 2005

General Intramurals Information for 2005-2006

• Lasts for 30 weeks
• Monday through Friday 8:00-8:45
• All students must sign-in on the Intramurals clip boards each day they play.
• Sign-in is from 8:00-8:15 in the gymnasium.
• Students arriving after 8:15 must report to study Hall.
• Students participating in intramurals must enter though the gymnasium. entrance to the building (by the circle).
• There will be opportunities for free play as well as organized leagues.
• Some possible activities may include: Flag Football, Team Handball, Basketball, Rugby, Racquetball, Wiffleball, Softball, Volleyball, etc.
More information about the starting date for intramurals as well as league formation will be posted on this blog soon.

posted on: August 09, 2005

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