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7th grade Softball/Spannagel

The softball unit will include the following skills:

Recognize the 10 positions of a defensive softball team
Label defensive positions and place them correctly on a field
Describe a "fair" and "foul" ball
Explain a "tag-up"
Summarize a "sacrifice" play
Understand the resposibilities of each softball position
You should have received a Softball study guide to review the above.

Evaluation for Softball unit:

Daily participation
Daily dressing out
Written quiz on softball study guide

posted on: April 12, 2006

7th Grade Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee classes should be prepared for cold weather! Dress out in long sleeved T-shirts, with a sweatshirt, then layer on a coat as needed. It's getting too cold for shorts. Plan on sweat pants or warm up pants for being outside when weather permits. If you want to wear a hat and/or gloves, they will help to keep you warm.

Here's a quick overview of what you should know about Ultimate Frisbee:

*Play begins with both teams lined up in front of their endzone line.
*A "throw-off" puts the frisbee into play.
*The frisbee may only be passed with a throw, not handed off.
*Players may not run with the frisbee in their hands.
*Possession changes with an out-of-bounds throw, a dropped throw, an interception, or a knocked down throw.
*One point is scored when you complete a pass to a teammate across the defensive endline.
*No physical contact is allowed between players. A foul occurs when contact is made.
*Only one person is allowed to guard an offensive player at a time.

Skills used in Ultimate Frisbee
hand-eye coordination

Ultimate Frisbee stresses sportsmanship and fair play. Self-refereeing is expected of all players. You can be competitive, but never at the expense of respect between players, safety, or adherence to the rules. It's all about having FUN!!

posted on: December 06, 2005

7th PE Speedball

Speedball is a combination of the games soccer and football. As we play during this unit, be sure to take advantage of the practice time to develop your skills.

1. Dribble with the feet
2. Pass with the feet
3. Trap the ball with the feet
4. One and two-foot lifts with the feet
5. Soccer-style throw in
6. Punting the ball

Individual skill ckeck-off including all of the above skills

posted on: October 22, 2005

Flag Football Unit

As we work on skills is our Flag Football Unit, do a self-check and see if you are mastering these skills:

* Throwing a football
Turn shoulder to point to target
Ball pulled back behind ear
Lead throw with elbow
Step towards target and follow through
* Throwing to a moving target
Aim throw ahead of the target
Make throw catchable by aiming chest high
* Catching a football
Relax fingers
Make a basket to catch ball in
Pull ball into body after catching
* Making the "tackle"
Pull flags on belts only, not clothing
Drop flag where pulled, do not throw
* Avoiding a "tackle"
Use dodging movements to avoid a "tackle"
Run or spin to avoid a tackle, but do not jump

This team sport gives you an excellent opportunity to work on Sportsmanship by including all players on your team in the game, encouraging teammates and opponents alike, and making sure to congratulate people on good plays and at the end of the game.

posted on: September 18, 2005

7th Grade Physical Education Class - Pickleball Unit

There will be a written test on Pickleball on September 1. Please look over your Pickleball study guide to see if you know the following:

* court dimensions and net height
* how to serve
* service rotation
* keeping score
* non-volley zone
* double-bounce rule
* shot selection (forehand, backhand, lob, overhead, volley)

The kings court tournament will continue this week and end on 9/2.

posted on: August 28, 2005

8th Grade Health Syllabus

Click here to down load your 8th Grade Health Syllabus...

Download file

This should be signed and returned to Mrs. Spannagel ASAP!

posted on: August 15, 2005

8th Grade Health Syllabus
Unit 1 Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drugs Assess consequences on fetus, child; recognize signs and symptoms of dependency, resources for help and support, relationship consequences; refusal skills; alternatives. Unit 2 Disease Prevention Cause, effects and prevention of communicable diseases; recognize sexually transmitted diseases; identify ways of transmitting HIV/AIDS; misconceptions about HIV; setting personal goals for a healthy body. Unit 3 Family Living Identify factors that promote self-image; accepting responsibility; self-control; recognize peer pressure; identify ways of resisting persuasive tactics (refusal skills); identify effects of dating. Unit 4 Growth and Development Analyze physical, social, and emotional changes during maturation; recognize benefits of abstinence from sexual activity; identify methods of preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Unit 5 Mental Health Characteristics associated with positive self-esteem; possible causes of conflict among youth and how to handle them; analyze causes of suicide, prevention and effects on survivors. Unit 6 Nutrition Analyze relationship between nutrition and disease prevention; disorders associated with malnutrition and obesity. Unit 7 Safety Safety factors for motorized and non-motorized vehicles for land and water; appropriate first aid procedures; identify threats to personal safety; local support system concerning personal safety. Students are expected to keep a Health folder and have it in class each day. Agenda planners are to be brought to class each day. Make up work is the responsibility of the student. The teacher will post make-up times. Grades for Health will be determined from: Classwork 50% Test/Quiz 30% Notebooks 20% ______ 100%

posted on: March 23, 2005

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