Making Learning Irresitable for Over 25 Years. Making Learning Irresitable for Over 25 Years.
07-08 Yearbook staff

Congrats to new yearbook staff!
click on link below to see new staff members and meeting times this week!

Yearbook Staff  07-08-2

posted on: May 21, 2007

Field Day Fun!

Fun was had by all in the 3-day, all day, back 2 back Mabry Field Days!

Check these fun photos out!

IMG_1219.JPGSam & Chaz show some White team spirit, sporting their team flag!

IMG_1241.JPGGonzo & T-Bone help out on field day.

IMG_1295.JPGPurple girls punting!

IMG_1336.JPGMrs. Manderano, Mr. Jakaitis, & Mrs. Hartnett show off some Teacher spirit.

IMG_1367.JPGMrs. Sumrell cools down during the 8th grade picnic in her sweet Kiwi colors!

IMG_1382.JPGField Day helpers take a long needed rest in the gym and out of the sun!

IMG_1268.JPGSydney Hula Hoops for the 7th grade blue team.

IMG_1257.JPG7th grade boys get ready to run!

posted on: May 20, 2007

Field Day Reminders-DO's and DON'TS

Field Day Reminders.......


posted on: May 10, 2007

Field Day Reminders-DO's and DON'TS

Field Day Reminders.......


posted on: May 10, 2007

Field Day Prep Study Guide

Hey gang, check link out below for your study guide for Friday's quiz.

Field Day Study Guide

Here are a some pics of a few of the events!

Flag Football Flag Football

Fb Punt Football Punt

3Point Shot3-point shoot-out

Softball ThrowSoftball Throw

Frisbee ThrowFrisbee Throw

Good Luck on Quiz,, and at Field Day!

posted on: May 08, 2007


posted on: May 01, 2007

Tennis Balls Needed!

Hey everyone!
please help us out by donating used tennis balls to the PE dept. for field day 07'

We need them for our Home Run Derby event and racquetball games.

Please put the tennis balls in grocery bag and tie up ends and give them to one of the coaches as you come into school in the morning.

thanks for your help! 

posted on: May 01, 2007

7th grade hoops update

There are 3 games left to be made up this Thursday.

Orange vs. Blue  8:15
Cardinal vs. Gold  8:15
Pink vs. Orange  8:30

Be there to support your team and finish the season strong!
The season standings will be up by next monday after all games are made up!
Check here and PE area bulletin boards for more updates!

posted on: April 09, 2007

6/7th Grade Hoops League

6th/7th Grade Intramurals  is almost done. We have just a few make-up games to play!

Check the schedule  when you get back from spring break!

posted on: April 07, 2007

8th Grade Hoops Standings

Check below for the 8th grade hoops league standings.

8th Grade Hoops Standings.doc

Congratulations to the Green Team for their 9-1 , 1st place record!

posted on: April 07, 2007

LAX unit huge hit!

much more than i expected.......the Lacrosse unit is a huge hit!
I really went out of my comfort zone and tried a sport new to Mabry's PE program, and have really enjoyed learning a really fun and exciting sport!
Thanks go out to Coach Banik & Coach Rowley from the JTL, who donated the equipment and  were able to assist me in some instruction!
Some of our very own Mabry kids have been helping me out as well..thanks for being patient teaching an old dog new tricks!
Karina, Kara, Maddie, Jessica, Carly, Zoe, Peter, JB, Cameron, Spencer, Sam, Bridger, Garrett, Matt, Tyler, Casey, and many more helped my students and I to learn the sport of Lacrosse.

We have learned so much in a little bit of time, from basic offensive and defensive positions, to passing, catching, cradling, and shooting!

Check out these pics from the unit!

Img 0972 Coach Banik demonstrates how to scoop up a ground ball.

Img 0974Michael A. shows good passing form.

Img 0976Nick T. learns some passing skills.

Img 0969Kimmy & Katie watch some LAX demonstrations.

posted on: March 29, 2007

Field Day T-shirt Winner

Congratulations are in Order for 8th grader, Mary P.!

Mary is the design contest winner for this year's field day t-shirt!

You will be able to buy a shirt  for $7.00, to show your school spirit after spring break, and support your PE and Intramurals program!

Check out link below for this way cool charger design!

Fielday T-07-Blog remember: the shirt color is decided by your homeroom teacher.

posted on: March 29, 2007

Field Day T-Shirt Design Contest!

Turn in your favorite T-shirt design for this year's field day to one of the PE teachers by next friday 3/16.

  1. designs must be school appropriate.
  2. designs must at least have the year, "2007, Mabry, and Field Day", words printed on them.(there can be more)
  3. designs will have the color of the shirt, and one other color for design, only, printed on shirt.
  4. designs should be on 8.5 x 11 paper when sketched
  5. deadline to turn in for consideration Friday 3/16/07
  6. Good Luck!

posted on: March 09, 2007

No Intramural league games this thursday-3/7/07

3/7-Thursday hoops league games will be re-scheduled at end of league due to 7th graders being gone on school trip to Jekyll Island.
The gym will still be available for pick up hoops games!

posted on: March 07, 2007

Basketball Unit

There will be a basketball quiz for 7th and 8th grade classes this Friday 3/9/07.
below is the study guide for the quiz, Bring a pencil to roll call and good luck!

Basketball Study Guide 

posted on: March 07, 2007

Volleyball every Tuesday till spring break!

Hey everyone! Get your volleyball skills tuned up for the beach and break by coming to Intramurals Tuesday mornings from 8-8:45 am!
I know it's early, but it will be worth it when you get to spring break and amaze your friends with your sweet volleyball skills!

Bring your own team and challenge all comers in our awesome King/Queen of the court format!
Games are fast and furious and fun! Teams can be 2,3,4,5 or 6 person teams!

T-mac challenges any and all comers that want to be schooled in this awesome sport!

If we get enough takers we'll have a tourney at end before break.
So Bring a friend and bring the game on!

posted on: February 13, 2007

McCall Health DIY Quiz Review

hey 7-1, here is promised final version of our class DIY review activity.
Study well, and see you tomorrow in class.

Study Guide Quiz Questions.doc

posted on: February 08, 2007

Mabry Hoops League Pre-Season

The last practice games(pre-season) are Thursday and Friday,1/25-26/07, to get the teams as even as possible. If team members miss these practice games the teams may not come out even. Please make it to pre-season games to work on team strategies and positions before season starts and to pick team names.

The last day to order team shirts (jerseys) is this Friday. We are hoping to raise money for an portable electronic scoreboard to use for all Mabry Intramural leagues and for PE and Field day!

T-shirts are $10.00  put the check made out to Mabry in a white money envelope and seal it with information on front and drop into black box in your grade level commons.

posted on: January 25, 2007

Hoops League SIgn ups!

Mabry will start it's 1st ever Hoops league soon!

Get down to bulletin board outside of Covered Play Area and check it out!

Registration forms go out Tuesday 1/15/07.

6-7th graders play on Thursday mornings

8th graders play on Friday mornings

Team Shirts will be on sale for your team on registration form.  See Link Below

Hoops league form.doc

Girls can form a separate team or mix in co-ed with Boys, but will play in same league by grade!
(no girls league only, sorry?)

So get your A-Game ready and Bring It, down to the gym, for the Mabry Hoops League!

posted on: January 12, 2007

Racquetball Pics

Check out some of these R-ball highlight pics!

Img 2343 7-1 champs  Mikey T & Garrett S.

Img 2344 7-2 Champs  Natalie K & Amanda S.

Img 2348 8th grader  Ben K.

Img 2356 8th graders Allie S. & Kaele J.

Img 2363 8th grader Kelsea O.

Img 2365  8th grade  Tyler F.

Img 23688-2 Champs  Tyler F.  & Parker S.

Img 2373  6th grader  Joe P.

Img 2376  6th grader  Erik G.

posted on: November 27, 2006

Racquetball Ladder Tourney Begins!

McCall's - Ladder Tourney Rules

Doubles games only, to start... if we have time we will try to get in a singles tourney also.

posted on: November 14, 2006

Racquetball Unit

The Racquetball unit is up and running.

Check out my  Modified rules & Skills Wall Cues below if you need extra help on form and technique!

Modified Racquetball Rules.doc

*****Remember----Safety First!

  R-Ball Keeping Score
R-Ball Serve Return

R-Ball Forehand

R-Ball Backhand

posted on: November 08, 2006

Softball Unit

The Softball Unit has begun and is in full SWING!

Baseballglovebatball Check out the skills wall in the gym for bulleted cues on specific skills.

Check out the 8th grade Softball pics below !

Trey S Trey S. shows great slow-pitch form in 8th grade Softball unit.

Haley Lindsey Haley R. plays defense while Lindsay H. waits for next batter to hit her home!

Wes B Wes B. waits for a good pitch at home plate.

posted on: November 02, 2006

Softball Unit

The Softball Unit has begun and is in full SWING!

Baseballglovebatball Check out the skills wall in the gym for bulleted cues on specific skills.

Check out the Softball Curriculum Map below for unit highlights.

Softball Map-1

posted on: October 23, 2006

End of Grading Period odds & ends

Students: please make sure you have all your work made up from any absences and any extra credit requests made known to Ms. McCall.

******There are only 6 more school days in this grading period!

posted on: October 01, 2006

Students of the Month

McCall's September Students of the Month.
Congratulations and thanks for being dynamite PE students!   

6-1  Hannah M. & Adam H.
6-2  Alexis H.& Matt B.

7-1 Bennett E. & Carly W.     
7-2 Alex A. & Sydney W.

8-1 Teddy S. & Sarah W.
8-2 Robert B. & Rachel O.

posted on: October 01, 2006

Team Handball Unit Overview

Please click on link below to check out our Team Handball Unit Overview.

Team Handball Unit Map-1

We are having a great time with Team Handball which is a combination of a Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, & Water Polo!
We are done with Drills and Skills and are now in the Game Playing stage now, and are splitting up into Competitive or Non-Competitive teams for a short mini-tourney.

posted on: September 20, 2006

Flag Football Study Guide

7th-8th graders only!
The flag football quiz will be Friday 9/8/06 at the beginning of class.
Make sure you bring a pencil to fill out your scantron and remember to write your name on your test!

Click the link below for your study guide to review for your Flag Football Quiz this Friday 9/8/06.
Or pick one up from Ms. McCall in class before Friday.

Flag Football Study Guide.doc

Good Luck!

posted on: September 05, 2006

McCall's PE Class Rules

Every teacher has a set of class rules they want their students to abide by, mine are pretty short and straight forward.

Ms. McCall's Class Rules

Parents & Students: Please refer to the PE dept. regulations and policies for all other questions and rules.
Each student was given a PE signature packet to read and sign along with their parents the first day of school.
Please turn the signed papers into your homeroom teachers and they will get them back to us!

**please have parents make special notes on that sheet for any medical restrictions the student may have that would limit PE participation. For example; exercise induced asthma, allergies/epi-pens, injured joints, medications, etc.

Parents, If there are any questions please e-mail me at    instead of calling my school voicemail. Being a PE teacher keeps me away from a phone almost every minute of the school day. I will respond to my e-mails as quickly as possible, I promise!
also as far as supplies we always need band aids and Jolly Ranchers!
Thanks! Ms. McCall

posted on: August 16, 2006

Welcome Back! Anything is possible!

Another school year approaches and I am filled with anxious anticipation for what I am sure is going to be a terrific year at Mabry Middle.

I had a great summer and am returning to school refreshed and ready for action.

  My most exciting summer moment so far has been seeing one of my former student's dreams come to life.
Jake Owen, RCA Country Music recording Artist, released his first album, "Startin' with Me" on July 25th and his first single, "Yee Haw", has been among the top 20 on the charts for weeks. Go pick up his debut album, it's awesome!  Check out Jake's new website at this link Jake Owen and get all the scoop on this amazing country music singer/songwriter! Jake is opening for Kenny Chesney next wknd at Philips and I am going to be there to cheer him on!

thumb_1651_1227ea185eb760ce75544004581b41c2 Jake's album cover pic
thumb_1651_8c089b0dc3144d7c1abfb0293354dba6 Jake with Kenny Chesney and Dierks Bentley from a summer concert.


1651_43f45cb7a9119904538241f102abf77fJake and country music legend, Randy Owen(no relation), "Alabama's" lead singer. Jake's song "Thank Dixie" is sung with Randy Owen.

    Jake is a great example for setting your goals high and going after them with a determination and passion that will get things done! Remember...Anything is possible if you work hard!

posted on: August 08, 2006

Volleyball Unit

Volleyball unit

IMG_8763.JPGIssac D. with good angle of contact to start  platform for pass.

IMG_8762.JPGJordan T. with the end of the platform, finishing at 90 degrees.

posted on: December 05, 2005

Mabry Superbowl HIghlight pics

Here are a few highlight pics from the Intramural flag football Superbowl championship game!

Steel Dogs win it all!

IMG_8722.JPG8th grader, Hudson M., leads the Steel Dogs to Victory with his QB skills!

IMG_8723.JPGBrian D. carries the ball for the Vipers.

IMG_8731.JPGCoach Graber  marks the ball for a Viper 1st down.

posted on: November 30, 2005

Mabry Superbowl 05'

The Mabry Superbowl 05' is today, 11/30,  for bragging rights for Intramural flag football champions!

Steel Dogs  in Navy vs. Vipers in Green

IMG_8740.JPG          Steel Dogs
IMG_8738.JPG          Vipers

posted on: November 30, 2005

Cold Weather Dress @ Mabry

Hey everyone, well it's that time of year where we can still play outside but it is awful chilly!  Brrrrrrrr!

Here are some suggested addtions to your PE dress-out  clothes to keep you warm on those oh so chilly days!

  1. Wool/knit caps (as modeled by Ms. McCall & Shanice down below)
  2. Long sleeve shirts
  3. Sweatshirts with or without hoods
  4. Sweat pants
  5. Windbreakers
  6. Thick long socks
  7. Jackets with hoods
  8. Gloves or mittens
  9. Thermal shirts/pants under sweats.

IMG_8639.JPG Our knit hats help keep us warm!

posted on: November 29, 2005

7th Grade Gatorball pics

Take a look at these Gator-ball action shots taken by Boom-Boom today in PE class.
Gatorball is the FLORIDA version of Georgia's Speedball. It combines soccer, football, and basketball skills and is played on a soccer field with football endzones. Kicking ball in goals earns 2 points, throwing ball in endzone to teammate is worth 1 point.

IMG_8580.JPG Jordan kicking soccer style.

IMG_8579.JPG Dotson playing tough "D" on Kyle.

IMG_8577.JPG Michael Man-child booting the ball!

IMG_8584.JPG Gonzo saving the ball from sure death!

posted on: November 17, 2005

8th Grade Ladder Tourney Winners

Way to go 8th Grade racquetball Winners!


IMG_8241.JPGMorgan & Ben

Madison & Jordan


IMG_8257.JPGHannah & Katie

IMG_8256.JPGStephen & Chris

posted on: November 03, 2005

7th Grade Ladder Tourney Winners!

Congrats to the 7th grade Racquetball Winners!


IMG_8261.JPGMichael & Boom-Boom

IMG_8260.JPGChandler & Maddie


IMG_8263.JPGConnor & Parker

IMG_8262.JPGAllie & Kimmy

posted on: November 03, 2005

6th Grade Racquetball Ladder Tourney Winners

Here are the Winners of my Ladder Racquetball Tourney! Everyone learned about our modified Mabry R-ball and improved on a daily basis.


IMG_8265.JPGBennett & Scott

IMG_8264.JPGMilla & Ally


IMG_8258.JPGKeegan & Garrett

IMG_8259.JPGAvery & Abby

posted on: November 01, 2005

Racquetball Ladder Tourney

The Ladder Tourney starts Monday, 10/24.

Safety First!! always be safe on/off courts. do not play recklessly or endanger yourself or classmates!
Remember your good Racquetball Etiquette that is essential for all of our Safety!

Be ready to start competition in class with your doubles team and to follow all ladder rules posted on whiteboard.
Teams are set and on name cards that will be randomly placed on our whiteboard by class period.
No-one is to touch ladder cards unless you are the winning team moving your card to a new winning place on ladder.

posted on: October 23, 2005

Ultimate Frisbee Unit 9/26-10/11

Ultimate Frisbee Unit Highlights:

steven frisbee mouthStephen J.

garret frisbeeGarrett S.

IMG_4802.JPGStephanie A. & Brittany D.

IMG_4808.JPGMelanie M. & Cydnee G.

IMG_4800.JPGHudson P.

Way to go Ultimate Students! We had great fun with this unit and wait till you see yourself in the I-movie!

posted on: October 17, 2005

Racquetball Unit

Our new Unit is Mabry Modified Racquetball in the covered play area.

Instructional Highlights

Game Play Formats

IMG_8037.JPGTrevor K.

IMG_8034.JPGMichael A.

posted on: October 17, 2005

"Papa T" elevates Mabry to a School of Distinction!

Exciting news for Mabry Middle today! Dr. Tyson ("Papa T" is my nickname for the principal) made a huge announcement today. Mabry was awarded a $10,000 grant and 1/4 of million dollars worth of technology hardware and equipment! Mabry was a finalist and chosen out of 3,200 other schools for this amazing honor given by the Intel company. Papa T made the announcement this morning at 11:00 am to the whole school in his tuxedo vest and bow tie, and Alex G., 7th grade yearbook staffer, captured this moment on camera for Mabry's big news. I just wanted to say thanks to Dr. Tyson, Mrs. McCrary, and Mr. Swanson for all of their hard work, and dedication to education and to Mabry Students! We are truly blessed to have such awesome people working together to make our experience at Mabry the best ever!

Here is Alex's Pic of Papa T spreading the good news!


IMG_5032.JPGTrevor K. & Papa T "showing Mabry the Money" from the School of Distinction Award!

Pic by Kaele J.

posted on: September 13, 2005

Team Handball Unit

Team Handball Unit Highlights


Assessment Options
1. Written 10 question Quiz
2. Skills Check-off
3. Verbal/Oral Quiz
4. Spot-check positions

posted on: September 10, 2005

Make-up work deadline

The school year is almost over, can you believe it?

Any student that needs to make-up any work or improve grade with an extra credit report needs to have it in by Friday May 13th for it to count on this last grading period. See Ms. McCall to finish up any work you might be missing. You can check I-Parent for updated Soccer and Softball quiz grades and overall grade from this point on.

posted on: May 03, 2005

Jake Owen visits Mabry Guitar class

Jake_britt_laugh Jake Owen and 8th Grader Brittany H.

Jake_sing_sl_play Jake sings to Stephen L.'s Guitar playing.

Img_3765 Jake visits El Jinente Mexican restaurant and is given the celebrity treatment by 7th grader Pablo L.!

Janet_jake_smile Jake plays for Mr. Doemel's Guitar class while Mrs. McCrary films for an I-Movie project.

Jake Owen is a Country music Singer/Songwriter and is writing and recording country songs in Nashville. Jake is 23, and from Vero Beach, Fl. where he was a PE student of mine at Gifford Middle School. Jake and his best friend Mardy Fish, who is also a former student of mine, a professional tennis player and Olympic Silver Medalist, are the subjects of my current I-Movie Project, "Small Town Boys".

Mardy_pac_life_312 Mardy Fish is currently at the Pacific Life Open Tourney in Indian Wells, California. Mardy advances to the 2nd round today, 3/12/05, to play #1 in the world, Roger Federer. Mardy is ranked #49 and is the underdog of this match up, so help me cheer my former student on! Go Fish! Mardy's website is so log on and wish him luck!

posted on: March 13, 2005

Mabry PE Department

Pe_dept_011 The Mabry Middle PE Department supporting their favorite college teams!

Coach Graber-Auburn Tigers

Mrs. Spannagel-Georgia Tech YellowJackets

Coach Jones-Georgia Bulldogs

Ms. McCall-Florida Gators

posted on: March 06, 2005

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