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August 09, 2005
8th Grade Chorus Syllabus

Here is the 8th grade Syllabus for this year.

8th Grade Chorus Syllabus
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Sings with correct tone production and intonation:
• Proper breath support; posture; purity of vowels; clarity of consonants
• Listen to rehearsal tapes of performance and compare to final performance or festival judging
Develops music reading skills:
• Recognizes tonality of pieces studied
• Learns necessary music vocabulary
• Match pitch, sing melodic patterns with good intonation, major/minor and chromatic scales
• Develop good sight-reading skills including rhythmic, melodic & chord dictation
• Sing major, minor and chromatic scales acappella
• Sing in 2-3 part harmony acappella
Learn the historical and cultural context of the music literature studied and/or performed:
• Study of Musical Periods
• Listen to and analyze music from different time periods
• Interpret the meaning of the text
• Form: AB; ABA; ABACA …
• Contrast the music of the period to the art forms of the period
Demonstrate proper musical interpretation:
• Perform appropriate level music for Festival
• Sing songs from memory for public performance
• Respond correctly to conductor’s cues
Develop good ensemble awareness:
• Demonstrate the ability to perform individually, in small groups or a large ensemble
• Demonstrates respect, responsibility, commitment, and good citizenship in all musical settings.
Grading Profile:
30% singing, music reading tests, theory tests, written notes
50% written/oral participation, effort in class, self responsibility
and a positive attitude
10% Concert attendance or written report done while group is rehearsing on
10% Notebook, pencil and paper in class each day for class theory notes
Concert Etiquette
Students will be extremely self-disciplined before, during and after all concerts. They will treat the director and all parent chaperones with respect. No whistling or hollering during a choral concert or festival performance.
Classroom Expectations
• Be on time with notebook, paper and pencil
• Be in proper seat at the start of class with necessary materials
• Respect school property and others
• No unnecessary talking
• Attendance at all performances and rehearsals is necessary for the success of our chorus.

Behavior Grades:
Conduct cuts will be given for any disruption in class or infraction of the above expectations. Your behavior grade will be determined by these cuts. Progress reports will go home at the four and a half week point, along with phone calls, if behavior changes drastically. Progress reports must be signed and returned. You will have a chance to bring up your conduct grade with improved behavior for the remaining four and a half weeks. For your child to participate in away trips, festivals, or take a major role in a musical he/she must not get more than 3 conduct cuts for the year.
Conduct Cuts: 0-1 cuts per 9 wks= “S” 2-3= “N” Cannot go to outside events
4 or more = “U” and placed on a behavior contract
8th Grade Concert Attire:
Boys: Black dress pants; white dress shirt; black socks and shoes
(Vests and bow ties will be provided)
Girls: Long (ankle length) black skirt; ¾ sleeve black blouse; black hose and
black shoes. You need to purchase these items prior to the first concert.

*Your child will receive a calendar of events for the year. Dates are subject to change with plenty of notice. Please notify instructors of dance, piano, or sport coaches of concert dates. Each of you is very important to the success of our concerts. I can give you a letter, if needed, to give to your outside instructor.

I have read the above syllabus and behavior expectations and am aware of the consequences of behavior infractions.

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