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August 09, 2005
All State Chorus 2005-06

Here is the information you will need if you are interested in auditioning for All State Chorus this year. Watch the deadline for turning in your money.

2005-2006 All State Chorus Information
7th & 8th graders only (Keep for reference)
Dear Students & Parents;
Fall is the time of the year when GMEA holds auditions for those that wish to be a part of the Georgia All State Chorus. This chorus consists of the top singers from all over the state that pass two auditions. Those that pass both auditions meet in Savannah, Georgia in the spring to rehearse and give a free community concert on Saturday afternoon, March 2-4, 2006.
To be selected for the All State Chorus the first audition requires you to prepare a selected solo (from a required list), sung with a taped accompaniment (I’ll provide), scales (major, minor & chromatic), tonal memory, and three sight-reading examples (major, minor, major). I will hold a few practice help sessions to prepare you for this first audition. The best score you can attain is a “10”, and the cut off for each vocal part depends on how all of the students score at this audition throughout the state. The first audition is Saturday, October 15, 2004 (usually in Cartersville). The registration fee is $15.00. Please make your checks payable to Mabry MS or send the exact amount as soon as possible. (Place money in the school’s white envelope, mark it All State Chorus Aud. #1 and place it in the drop box located in your pods. The deadline is Tuesday, August 30, 2005. No monies can be accepted after this point, as I need to send one school check to GMEA. The bookkeeper will give me a list of those that have met this deadline. Only those students will get to audition. Please bring me a “new” quality (Sony, TDK or Maxell) 60-minute blank cassette or a new blank CD in a case and I will duplicate the audition song accompaniment, scales and tonal memory examples. I have made some CD’s that you can check out and please return when you are finished with your audition. The more you practice the better your chances of passing the first audition. Sight-reading is the hardest part so please come to me for help.
If you pass the first audition cut you are eligible for the chorus as long as you learn your vocal part to the spring concert songs. I will help you prepare for the second audition after school resumes in January. There is a commitment form/fee that you must sign before leaving for winter break that insures you will continue on to the second audition. We will know your score the last week of school prior to winter break. This second audition of the district level is on Saturday,
January 21, 2006 (TBA local site). If you have learned your part to sing in front of the judges, you receive the honor of participating in the treble or mixed Jr. High chorus. Only parts of each song will be tested. (No sight-reading, scales or tonal memory for this audition.) The January form is for the committed student to fulfill his/her obligation to the choir he or she is placed in so that parts will be balanced for the performance. If you back out at this point, you will not be allowed to audition for All State Chorus the next year.
The cost for being in All State Chorus includes: all registration fees, music, tape of parts/accompaniment purchased with your music and your stay in Savannah. Each student will be responsible for getting to Savannah on your own with a parent to supervise you and take you to rehearsals. A list of hotels and All State Schedule of rehearsals will be given to you if you pass the second audition. Call early to hold a room, even after you have passed the first audition. You can always cancel if you don’t pass the second audition. The hotel rooms are hard to come by if you wait too late. Some are cheaper than others are so it pays to call around. Students have numerous rehearsals on Thursday through Saturday with breaks for lunch and dinner. (Possible time to shop on the River Walk)
The concert attire consists of a long black skirt/long sleeved black blouse (no tummies showing), black shoes and black hose for the girls. The boys wear long black slacks, black shoes and socks and a long sleeved white dress shirt. (Bring a black bow tie.)
I hope that you will consider auditioning for this chorus and the commitment involved.
Audition registration refunds are not given and these dates must be set aside, as there are no make up auditions. I have had wonderful representatives from Mabry in the past and look forward to another great trip to Savannah. I hope that you will accept the challenge.

Irene N. Smith (Choral Director)

Posted by Mrs. Smith

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