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August 09, 2005
Choral Information Sheet 8th grade

Here is the information that I need from each of you.

8TH Grade Information Sheet:
Student Name:_________________________________________________
Student Address: ______________________________________________
Student Home Phone Number: _________________________________
Dad’s Name: ____________________________ WK#: ________________
Mom’s Name: ____________________________Wk#: ________________
Student’s Past Musical Experiences:
Parent volunteers: (Our program cannot work without you.)
___ I can help with calling students or parents.
___ I can help with field trip chaperoning (with notice)
___ I can help with concert monitoring (all/some/one)
___ I can play the following instruments:
___ I am artistic and can help with backdrops for a musical
___ I can type/design programs for concerts.
___ I can sew for a musical production
___ I can sell tickets for a musical production or talent show
___ I can pass out programs at concerts
___ I can work a sound system for the concerts(actual experience)
___ I can help build sets for a musical
___ Misc. ______________________________________________________
Please read and sign:
My child, __________________ and I have read the syllabus and behavior rules regarding performances, rehearsals and trip/special event opportunities for the 2005-2006 school year.
_______________________________ ______________________________
Student signature Parent Signature

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