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May 05, 2006
LHS Chorus Sign-up

If you are interested in joining/or have signed up for one of the LHS choruses you will need to audition for Mr. Williams or Miss Rivet in the next week or two. They will come over one afternoon from Lassiter either during our chorus class or after school one day. I will post the exact date on my blog as soon as I know what it is. If you do not personally audition you will be placed in the lowest mixed chorus for the fall.
The audition consists of:
Filling out a form.
Singing a scale from low to high notes.
Singing "My Country Tis of Thee" in various keys
Sight-reading 8th grade level 6-8 measures.

If you have already signed up for chorus this audition will place you in one of the many groups at LHS. It will then be put on your schedule for the fall of the next school year.
Good luck with your auditions!!! Most of my choral students get placed in a higher group due to your experience with singing.

Posted by Mrs. Smith

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