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September 25, 2006
Disney Trip Information and Installment Payments

Our Disney Trip is a "go" for the spring.
Those students that filled out your surveys and returned them with a "yes, I'm going" need to have their payments in by the following dates.
Our payments are due to the Travel Agency on October 15th; November 15th; February 1st and March 1st for the final amounts.

Therefore, it will be important that you turn in your installment payments by the following dates in order for us to cut a check to the Travel Agency in time.

Turn in money dates:
Please submit 1st payment by Oct. 5th: $110 for students $200 for chaperones
Please submit second payment by Nov. 5th: $110 for students and chaperones
Please submit 3rd payment by Jan. 20th: Students TBA based on cheesecake and candle profits;
$168.00 chaperones (Chaperones will room 2 to a room instead of 4, thus the cost difference.)
We are basing the cost of $435 per student on 4 to a room. If there are a few rooms of 3 or 2 the cost per student will go up slightly to cover that. When we know the total number of boys and girls from Simpson MS chorus that will be added to our group we will let you know. They will sing with the chorus and help to fill up the busses.

Please make all check trip payments out to "Mabry MS" and mark it "Chorus Disney Trip" if you are just a choral student and "Orchestra Disney Trip" if you are just an orchestra student. Those that do both chorus and orchestra mark "Orchestra Disney Trip".This will greatly help the bookkeeper.

Your child was given the payment schedule amounts and a the total trip itinery and cost breakdown today. Check their bookbags. The due dates are to the Travel Agency so the above turn in will help us meet these deadlines.

If you have any questions please contact Chris Doemel or myself via email. or

Posted by Mrs. Smith

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