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January 31, 2007


Thank you, girls, for a job well done at the Relections Ceremony. You did a wonderful job and I have received many comments.
Check out the Presidents notes on our Mabry Charger News.
Mrs. Smith

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January 22, 2007


Our candle sale prize day is Tuesday, January 22nd.
Mabry Singers will collect their prizes during their 8:15 a.m. rehearsal tomorrow morning.
7th & 8th grade choruses will get their prizes during their connection times.
Please make sure that you are here tomorrow to collect your prizes.
Who will win the $100 prize???????
Mrs. Smith

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January 19, 2007

Disney Information Update

All final amounts are due for the Disney Trip ASAP.
Each student was given their own sheet with their final balance which includes any fund raiser money, discounts, triple, double or single rooms. (The original price was for everyone in a quad room rate..)
Any extra snacks or souvenirs you want you will have to pay for outside the original trip cost.


PHONE #:(TOLLFREE)1-866-811-6530
DATES OF STAY: APRIL 26 - 29, 2007
Depart from school at noon on 4/26
Depart for home on 4/29 after breakfast.
Approx. arrival time 5:30 - 6 p.m.ish

*NOTE: We will be having a parent meeting prior to the trip to cover the things to pack, cell phones, luggage, concert attire, do's and don'ts and general rules to follow this trip. I will post the date as soon as it is confirmed.

Irene Smith

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January 18, 2007

"Into the Woods" Musical Rehearsal

Our first rehearsal for the musical is today, Thursday, January 18th for scene 1 only.
The next few rehearsals are as follows:
Jan. 23, Tues Scene 2
Jan. 30, Tues. Scene 3
Feb. 6, Tues. Scene 4
Feb. 15, Thurs. Scene 5
**Note: All rehearsals go from 4:30 - 6 p.m. at the latest. If they are finished earlier I will let them call you. They must have their own transportation home from school.
Mrs. Smith

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January 10, 2007

Welcome all new general music students!

Each of you has received a syllabus and the class expectations.
Please make sure that you have a notebook/folder with 10-12 sheets of paper, your syllabus signed and a pen/pencil each day in class. Some of you are still lacking these items. Please have them in class no later than Thursday, Jan. 11.
Drama is starting off with stage terms
6th & 7th grade General music classes are beginning with a unit on the Human Voice.
New Chorus students need to have their concert attire for the next concert:
Girls: Solid 3/4 sleeved top (no tummies showing)
Long (ankle length) solid black dress slacks or same length skirt.
Solid black shoes and hose (open toe is okay)
Boys: Solid long black dress slacks
Black shoes and socks
White long sleeved dress shirt (buttoned with collar)
I will provide vests and bow ties.
Mrs. Smith

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"Into the Woods" 8th grade Musical Parts

The cast members positions will be posted on the chorus room door Wednesday, January 10th.
Thank you to all of you that auditioned for parts. You all were wonderful and I only wish that there were enough parts for each of you to have one. It has been really hard to decide.
Those that have a main part and/or backstage crew will get a list of the characters in each scene and the dates that we will be rehearsing. You must be able to attend all rehearsals with the exception of being sick or a death in the family. If you are involved in a lot of after school activities that you can't get out of you may want to decline your role. We have plenty of students that would want to take your place.
There is a permission form that needs to be signed by you and one of your parents. It must be returned signed prior to receiving a script.
Mrs. Smith

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