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7th Grade General Music Test

7th Grade Gen. Music Class will have a test covering the following things on Friday, May 4th.:
Note names of the treble and bass clef
Note and rest values
Sightsinging numbers
Time Signature fill in the missing notes in measures
Study hard.

Our next unit is playing the instruments and reading the musical score. We now have learned the basics in which to accomplish this.

posted on: May 03, 2007

7th grade General Music Classes

My 7th grade General Music class has been busy learning how to read a musical score for instrumentation and choral reading.
They have learned about:
Lines & spaces of the Treble and Bass Clefs
Note and rest values
Time Signatures
Sightreading numbers for choral singing
Next week we will have a major test over this unit so study hard.
We will then begin playing the bells, orff and percussion instruments.
Who knows, we may even get a chance to compose our own song.
Mrs. Smith

posted on: February 15, 2007

Welcome all new general music students!

Each of you has received a syllabus and the class expectations.
Please make sure that you have a notebook/folder with 10-12 sheets of paper, your syllabus signed and a pen/pencil each day in class. Some of you are still lacking these items. Please have them in class no later than Thursday, Jan. 11.
Drama is starting off with stage terms
6th & 7th grade General music classes are beginning with a unit on the Human Voice.
New Chorus students need to have their concert attire for the next concert:
Girls: Solid 3/4 sleeved top (no tummies showing)
Long (ankle length) solid black dress slacks or same length skirt.
Solid black shoes and hose (open toe is okay)
Boys: Solid long black dress slacks
Black shoes and socks
White long sleeved dress shirt (buttoned with collar)
I will provide vests and bow ties.
Mrs. Smith

posted on: January 10, 2007

7th grade General Music Test

7th Grade General Music Class will take a test on the Human Voice Unit on Monday, October 30th. It will cover all of their notes. If they study with a parent and get one page of their notes signed they will receive extra credit on the test. Friday, Oct. 27th we will review for the test. We will also read a "Who Dunnit Mystery" and see who can solve it as part of our SIP Mabry Reading Goal tomorrow. Who will get the fish tomorrow????? Study hard this weekend.
Mrs. Smith

posted on: October 26, 2006

General Music Classes

All of my general music classes were given a syllabus to take home and get signed by a parent today. Each student needs to have a notebook (duo-tang folder) with 10-12 sheets of lined paper and a pencil in class for tomorrow. Please help them to get these items for the start of the 9 week period.

Our first unit of study will be the voice for 6th & 7th grade classes and stage parts and terms for 8th grade drama. We're off to a good start.
Mrs. Smith

posted on: October 11, 2006

All General Music Classes

We are studying our final unit for the 9 weeks on Musicals.
The 6th grade is studying "The Music Man"; 7th grade is studying "Oliver" and the 8th grade is studying "Westside Story". We have been comparing the musical to a novel or book in similarities and differences. This includes the character descriptions, plot, conflicts/resolutions and inferences. I will be sorry to see these students move on to their next connection class as they have all been a joy to teach.
Mrs. Smith

posted on: October 06, 2006

7th Grade General Music Class

We are having lots of fun learning the names of the lines and spaces of the Treble Clef by playing musical games for reinforcement. This week we will add the bass clef lines and spaces. We will be writing a poem in musical code using our knowledge learned these past two weeks.

posted on: September 07, 2006

General Music Classes

My general music classees are off to a great start.
In 8th grade Drama/Musical Theater we have learned the parts of the stage and 20 vocabulary words concerning the stage and stage directions. Our first quiz was last week and our vocabulary test is this Friday, August 25th. Make sure that you study.

In 7th grade we are discovering how to sing and speak correctly, use our diaphragm and make sure that we have good posture. Today we learned about good breath support and what it does for our voice. We will have a pop quiz at the end of the week to check on our progress. You should have your notebook, paper and pencil in class every day for note taking. We are also doing some singing and they really sound great. If you are a parent you may remember the song "Hang on Sloopy" and "Yellow Polka Dot Bikini". We're having fun learning them. Keep up the good work.
Mrs. Smith

posted on: August 22, 2006

7th Grade Gen. Music Test Wednesday

The 7th Grade General Music Classes will have a test on Wednesday, May 3. It will cover the following things:
Treble Clef line and space notes
Bass Clef line and space notes
Sightsinging numbers for the notes C-C'
Time Signatures
Short essay on why we need to know all of these musical things.
Fill in the missing note or rest.
Note and rest values
Study hard with a parent, get their signature and you can get extra credit. Good Luck on your test tomorrow.

posted on: May 02, 2006

7th Grade Human Voice Test

Your test over this unit will be Wednesday, February 1st. Study hard for this test as we will be reviewing Tuesday during the entire class period. A signature from your parent that you studied will give you extra credit.

posted on: January 30, 2006

7th Grade General Music Class Behavior/Grading Scale

Classroom Expectations
• Students will be on time to class with planning agenda, notebook, paper and pencil.
• Be respectful to other in your class, the teacher and all classroom materials
• No gum or candy. Follow class rules.

Grading Scale:
Participation 40%; Tests/Projects: 30%; Quizzes/Class Assign: 20%; Notebook 10%
**Note: This syllabus is subject to change due to time constraints and student abilities.

posted on: August 09, 2005

7th Grade General Music Class 9 week content

7th Grade General Music Syllabus
Irene N. Smith
Unit 1: The Human Voice
• Vocal techniques: diction, tone, phrasing, styles, form, breath support, projection, texture, rhythm, cultures and dance
Unit 2: Elements of Musical Scores
• Rhythm, Time Signatures, Note Values, Notes of the Treble Clef and Bass Clef
• Additional musical score symbols
• Students will be able to distinguish major from minor
• Write a musical story in musical code
Unit 3: History of Music through the Decades of the 20th Century
• Small cooperative group project researching a decade/era with the use of books, reference material and technology
• Research the musicians, musical styles, most popular songs, events of the decade or era, cost of living, historical connections, famous events, and miscellaneous trivia
• Recognize musical forms in the historical musical time periods
• Present to the class with visuals, music examples and a written report
Unit 4: Instrument Unit
• Study the bells, keyboard and baritone ukulele
• Listen to music or examine scores to describe the elements of music from various selections
• Be able to play I, IV and V7 chords and create simple bell melodies while accompanying on the ukulele. Create music using technology.
• Perform alone, in small groups and as a total ensemble
• Demonstrate proper audience etiquette under all circumstances
Unit 5: Creativity in Music
• Using the bells, ukulele, and technology students will create a musical composition and accompany the bell melody on the ukulele using I, IV and V7 chords.
Unit 6: Study of the musical
• Students will watch a video of the musical, Oliver
• They will answer questions to a study guide and relate the plot, characters and setting to a book or novel.

posted on: August 09, 2005



Talent show auditions are on Wednesday, March 23, 2005 in the Mabry theater. It will last from 4:30 - 5:30 p.m. (You will need to find transportation home.) Those chosen to be in the show will be posted on Mrs. Smith's door that week.

You must return a signed permission form to Mrs. Smith in order to audition. Pick up this form in the chorus room. No one else will be allowed to stay that day.

The Talent Show will be on Thursday, April 21st in the Theater. The dress rehearsal will be from 4:30 - 5:45 that day. Performers will then go home, eat and come back to perform by 6:45 p.m.

Tickets may be purchased at school or at the door for $3.00 each. Invite your relatives to come and see this special event.

posted on: March 02, 2005

7th Grade General Music Syllabus

Welcome to Mrs. Smith's 7th grade General Music Blog

Click on the link below to view the General Music Syllabus

Download 7th_grade_general_music_syllabus.doc

posted on: January 24, 2005

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