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April 17, 2007

We have just one more week for students and staff to purchase their 2007 Mabry Field Day t-shirts!! Order forms were distributed in homerooms early last week, but extra forms can be found on the table in the PE hallway. Please fill out a form and include your size, color, and homeroom. Place an order form and payment into a school payment envelope and place in the black box in your commons area. Don't be left out! When you see your team color with this year's awesome logo, you are going to wish you had ordered a shirt! Field Days will be here soon, so show some team spirit and be ready with a T-shirt in your team's color. T-shirts are on sale for $7.00 and any funds remaining after shirts are purchased will be used for Field Day needs and equipment.

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May 21, 2007
6th PE classes

We will only be dressing out on Monday and Tuesday of this last week of school. You may take home all of your clothes and belongings Tuesday after your PE class. We will begin collecting your school-issued locks Tuesday after class and continue with collecting these on Wednesday. Please remember to have a bag or container to take clothes home in. We have a limited supply of plastic bags and you are welcome to take them as long as they last. It's not too early to begin thinking of some physical activities to get involved with over the summer. Even taking a 30 minute walk each day will help you maintain the fitness level you have achieved this year. Strive for thirty minutes of activity every day....more if you can. Swim, hike, play ball, work out with Mom when she does an exercise tape, play tennis with Dad, shoot hoops in the driveway, just be active and enjoy summer!!!!

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Fitness/Cardiovascular Fitness

If you have not taken the Cardiovascular Fitness quiz and did not take your folder home, please review the attached copy of notes. This week we will be finishing our end of course assessments to see where you have improved in all areas of Fitness. Make sure your Fitness notebook is in class this week.

Cardiovascular Fitness-2

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Health Homework

Your last homework assignment for Health class is due tomorrow, 5/22. This is the Disease Risk Assessment that you are to do with some parent help to determine what risk you have for getting Non-communicable Diseases. Don't forget to write the analyzing paragraph after you have completed the family check list. This last week of school we will be discussing both communicable and non-communicable diseases. You will be creating a poster about a specific non-communicable disease with others at your table. Please be sure that your Health textbook is in class as well as your Health folder. We will use these resources in class each day and there is no reason to take them home anymore. I hope you have learned something new in Health this quarter. Don't are in charge of your own Health.

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May 07, 2007
Fitness Lab

I hope you enjoyed your introductory classes on Yoga and Pilates. I believe some of you found those activities to be harder than the weight workouts!! We have read and discussed the handout about the Fitness Target Zone and Threshold of Training. Please be prepared for a written matching quiz on 5/8. This quiz will cover the Principles of Progression, Overload, and Specificity. Please look over your handout or review the attached copy. This will be the last week of regular weight lifting. Next week, you will do the circuit training on Monday only due to Field Days. The last week of school is when you will be re-testing all of the fitness assessments for a post-test. Take advantage of this last week of work-outs and give it all of your effort!


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April 23, 2007
Softball Unit 6th grade

Everyone should have received a Softball study guide that we reviewed in class last week. This study guide will provide you with the terminology and rules we have covered in class that will be tested later in the week in a written format. You have been practicing your throwing, catching, and striking skills since last week and everyone appears to be improving. We have had some very impressive hits and some awesome catches! Be sure to review the difference between a forced and un-forced out. Understanding some of the strategies in our softball games will help you appreciate watching the Braves this season.

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W.A.I.T. Training final week

We will complete our Human Growth unit this week with guest speakers on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. First we will finish our discussion on sexually transmitted diseases and talk about the benefits of being abstinent until marriage. There will be a post-test given on 4/24 that is identical to the pre-test you took before we started this unit. You will also take a multiple choice/true-false quiz to evaluate what you have learned during our studies. All worksheets from W.A.I.T. (Why Am I Tempted) Training will be collected to comprise a classwork grade. These will be collected on Wednesday.
Those Chorus/Orchestra students who will miss two days this week due to their field trip, will be able to pick up an ATM (abstinent 'til marriage) card on their return to school next week.

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April 17, 2007
Field Day T-shirt Sales

We have just one more week for students and staff to purchase their 2007 Mabry Field Day t-shirts!! Order forms were distributed in homerooms early last week, but extra forms can be found on the table in the PE hallway. Please fill out a form and include your size, color, and homeroom. Place an order form and payment into a school payment envelope and place in the black box in your commons area. Don't be left out! When you see your team color with this year's awesome logo, you are going to wish you had ordered a shirt! Field Days will be here soon, so show some team spirit and be ready with a T-shirt in your team's color. T-shirts are on sale for $7.00 and any funds remaining after shirts are purchased will be used for Field Day needs and equipment.

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April 10, 2007
2007 Field Day T-shirts

Mabry Field Days are just around the corner. We will be having 7th grade Field Day on 5/16, 6th grade on 5/17, and 8th grade on 5/18. Field Day T-shirts are now being sold and sales will continue for two weeks. Shirts cost $7.00 and checks may be made payable to Mabry Middle School. Order forms were distributed during homeroom on Tuesday 4/10, but additional forms can be picked up from any Physical Education teacher. The T-shirts will be sold in every team color that homeroom teachers have selected. If you are unsure of your team color, please check with your homeroom teacher before purchasing a T-shirt. These shirts help promote team spirit, aid in supervising groups, and also make a great PE class shirt for next year. Don't forget, sales last only two weeks!

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Human Growth and Development

We have begun our unit on Human Growth and Development. This unit will take approximately two weeks and will culminate with three days of guest speakers. The unit was introduced with a comprehensive Power Point presentation from W.A.I.T. training. If you missed this presentation on the Friday before Spring Break, please make arrangements to come in Thursday morning, 4/12, at 8:15 to view this powerful slide show and get brought up to date. We will be covering a wide variety of topics including anatomy, personal goals, personality profiles, setting dating standards, changes during maturation, love vs. infatuation, sexually transmitted diseases, the benefits of marriage, the benefits of remaining abstinent until marriage, how to set boundaries, and the facts and myths about HIV/AIDS.
There will be one homework assignment during this section of Health that will involve interviewing a parent. I hope this assignment will be viewed as an opportunity for you and your parent(s) to engage in a discussion during which you can share the facts you are learning and your parent can cover topics they wish to add. You will complete a post-test at the end of the unit which is identical to the pre-test you have already taken. In addition, there will be a quiz on all materials prior to the days our guest speakers come to class.

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Parts of Fitness

This week we will start our normal routine of circuit workouts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, then add a day of classroom work and activities on Tuesday and Thursday. Our activities will vary from week to week, as will the handouts we read and discuss. You are responsible for keeping the handouts and reviewing them before taking the written quiz. Attached you will find a copy of the study sheet you have already received. We will concentrate on the eleven parts of Fitness this week and have a quiz on the information next Tuesday, 4/17. As you work out this week, think about the area of Fitness that may be your weakest. How would you go about improving it? We will develop plans to improve all areas!

Parts Of Fitness-1

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March 19, 2007
7th Grade Fitness/4th Quarter

Welcome to Fitness class. Our first order of business is to complete the Baseline Assessment of your Fitness level. We will accomplish that during Week 1. The items to be evaluated are:
percent of body fat
shoulder flexibility
blood pressure/resting heart rate
3 minute step test (cardiovascular fitness)
Sit and Reach (flexibility)
Leg Press (strength and endurance)
Chest Press (strength and endurance)

These same evaluations will be taken at the end of the nine weeks in an end of course assessment. Make sure you have returned your parent permission form. You will be receiving a class syllabus on 3/20. That will also need to be signed and returned before you can work out on the weight machines. You should be dressing out for Fitness class daily. Once the baseline assessment is completed, we will be working out with the weights on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, you will have a Fitness class. You will be learning about the eleven parts of fitness, completing worksheets, applying fitness skills to games and activities, and participating in alternative classes such as Tae Bo, Pilates, and Yoga. Please dress comfortably and appropriately. You should be able to move arms and legs without any difficulty or inappropriate display of underwear/skin. You just might be surprised how much your fitness level can improve in nine short weeks!

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6th Grade PE/4th Quarter Speedball

Welcome to the last nine weeks of the school year. We will be starting the nine weeks with a Team Sport called "Speedball." This game combines some skills from soccer, football, and basketball. Skills you will learn are:
* dribbling a soccer ball with your feet
* one- and two-foot lifts of a soccer ball
* soccer-style throw-in
* punting
* trapping and passing a ball with your feet
* throwing a ball to a moving target

Soccer players will recognize most of these skills, but everyone will be able to do them with just a little practice. At the end of the unit, and after much practice, you will have an evaluation consisting of a skill check-off of the items listed above. The weather can be changeable at this time of year so be sure to dress appropriately. It is easier to have a sweat shirt or jacket that you can take off if you get too warm. Be prepared for class each day with the proper clothing. Since we will be outside, those sensitive to the sun should be protected with sunscreen.

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8th Grade Health/4th Quarter

Welcome to Health class. This nine weeks will seem to fly by. We have two weeks, then the Spring Break, then finish out the year. We will be starting the nine weeks with our Mental and Emotional Health unit. Both the class syllabus and the Human Growth and Development form should be signed by a parent and returned by 3/21. Both are attached if you have misplaced your copy. These are the skills you should be learning in this unit:
* Assess personal characteristics associated with positive self-esteem
* Discuss the influence of self-identity and group acceptance in choosing friends
* Analyze causes of conflict among youth and strategies to handle them
* Analyze causes of suicide, prevention, and its effects on survivors
* Identify factors that promote a positive self-image: accepting responsibility, respect for self, authority and others;
* Apply self-control
* Exercise the right to be assertive

Textbooks will be issued by 3/20. These books may go home to use, but remember to bring them to class each day. Folders may be kept in the Health classroom once the syllabus has been signed. Evaluations in this unit will include classwork and a Vocabulary Quiz.

8Th Grade Health Syllabus-5
Hgd Parent Permission-2

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March 07, 2007
Basketball Lead-up Games/ 3rd Quarter

As we move through our basketball lead-up games, remember the tips you have learned about dribbling, passing and shooting.

Dribbling * Use pads of fingers

* Keep head up
* Dribble to your side, but slightly forward of your foot
* Keep dribble waist high

Chest Pass * aim chest high

* make your passes crisp
* remember the follow-through

Bounce Pass * aim 2/3 of the way to receiver
* keep elbows out to avoid a chopping motion
* Push the ball with both hands from behind
* Thumbs end up pointed downward

Shooting Remember the BEEF
B = Balance the ball
E = Elbow should be bent
E = Eye on the target
F = Follow through and watch your shot

Think about the skill activities you have participated in to work on these skills:
1. Dribble tag, dribbling around the cones
2. Pass and slide drill passing to a partner
3. Team 21 shooting game
4. Gotcha game
5. Shooting from spots for accuracy
6. Boxing out and shooting Free Throws

We will complete our Basketball Lead up this week and conclude the quarter with our Post testing of the Fitnessgram Fitness Assessment.

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Communicable and Non-communicable Diseases/3rd Quarter

In our Disease unit, you will should be able to identify communicable and non-communicable diseases and how you get them. You need to know how to explain what causes a communicable disease and the ways they are spread. You need to define and retell the reasons you might get a non-communicable disease and why. There will be worksheets and concept maps on each type of disease as well as a packet to be completed on a specific non-communicable disease that your group has chosen to learn about.


Worksheets and concept maps: will be collected and graded as classwork
Homework: Your Risk Assessment of Non-communicable Diseases in your family is due 3/8 (Band students- due 3/9)
Notebook check: There will be the second notebook check this week on 3/9
Short answer Quiz on your topics - 3/9

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February 27, 2007
Alcohol, Tobacco and Drug unit/3rd Quarter

As we learn to classify and categorize drugs, you need to learn about their effects on the body. You have taken a pre-test about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and will have the post test on FAS this week. The following skills will help you prepare for and complete your class work:

  • Recognize the effects alcohol and tobacco have on a fetus
  • Describe how stimulants and depressants change the body
  • Determine which individual drugs belong to the categories studied

You will be going on a Drug Scavenger Hunt as part of your classwork. You will be using your class notes, text book, brochures, and posters to find answers to questions about drugs and their effects on the body. This Scavenger Hunt will help you apply what you are learning in class. The approximate time-table is FAS post test 2/28, Scavenger Hunt 3/1.

  • Remember "Choice plus Knowledge = Power"

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February 20, 2007
Cardiovascular Fitness/3rd Quarter

This week our focus will be on Cardiovascular Fitness. As you use the cardio machines or work out with the steps, be aware of your heart rate and respiration rate. Are you in your Fitness Target Zone or just in the Threshold of Training? Please review your handout (also attached) to be ready for a Quiz on 2/22. Next week we will have a guest instructor lead the class through a Yoga and a Pilates workout.

Cardiovascular Fitness-1

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February 11, 2007
Fitness Target Zones/3rd Quarter

This week as we continue our weight circuit, we will be focusing on the Fitness Target Zone. You should be able to describe and give an example of the following:
*Principle of Overload
*Principle of Progression
*Principle of Specificity
*Threshold of Training
*Fitness Target Zone

Frequency, Intensity, and Time (Duration)

Fitness Target Zones

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January 28, 2007
8th Grade Health/3rd Quarter

Welcome to Health class. The syllabus for this course is attached. Our first unit of study will be Mental and Emotional Health. You will be responsible for the list of vocabulary words given out in class. There will be a graded classwork assignment, a Mental Health Study Guide. This assignment presents a question from each of the lessons in Chapter 3 in the textbook. The class will be identifying some ways to help them define the vocabulary from this unit. There will be some role-playing opportunities as well. Projected time of the matching vocabulary quiz is Tuesday 1/16. The unit will conclude shortly thereafter.

8Th Grade Health Syllabus-4

8-Permission Letter 06-2

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W.A.I.T. Training/Human Growth and Development

As we reach the half-way point of our unit, we will begin learning about sexually transmitted diseases and handling peer pressures to be sexually active. All hand-outs should be kept in your folder to use as a study guide for our quiz. The quiz is looking like it will be at the end of the week. You received a homework assignment on 1/26 that is a student/parent question sheet. Students should answer their side of the paper first, then interview a parent and either write down parent responses or have a parent write them out. There is a place for parent signatures and is due on Wednesday, 1/31. There will be a notebook check this week. Exact date will be posted in the health class room. The guest speakers for this unit will be coming at the end of next week, February 7th, 8th, and 9th. You will really enjoy them and have an opportunity to pick up an ATM (Abstinent 'Til Marriage) card from them. It will all make sense when you have finished W.A.I.T. (Why Am I Tempted) Training!

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