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6th PE classes

We will only be dressing out on Monday and Tuesday of this last week of school. You may take home all of your clothes and belongings Tuesday after your PE class. We will begin collecting your school-issued locks Tuesday after class and continue with collecting these on Wednesday. Please remember to have a bag or container to take clothes home in. We have a limited supply of plastic bags and you are welcome to take them as long as they last. It's not too early to begin thinking of some physical activities to get involved with over the summer. Even taking a 30 minute walk each day will help you maintain the fitness level you have achieved this year. Strive for thirty minutes of activity every day....more if you can. Swim, hike, play ball, work out with Mom when she does an exercise tape, play tennis with Dad, shoot hoops in the driveway, just be active and enjoy summer!!!!

posted on: May 21, 2007

Softball Unit 6th grade

Everyone should have received a Softball study guide that we reviewed in class last week. This study guide will provide you with the terminology and rules we have covered in class that will be tested later in the week in a written format. You have been practicing your throwing, catching, and striking skills since last week and everyone appears to be improving. We have had some very impressive hits and some awesome catches! Be sure to review the difference between a forced and un-forced out. Understanding some of the strategies in our softball games will help you appreciate watching the Braves this season.

posted on: April 23, 2007

6th Grade PE/4th Quarter Speedball

Welcome to the last nine weeks of the school year. We will be starting the nine weeks with a Team Sport called "Speedball." This game combines some skills from soccer, football, and basketball. Skills you will learn are:
* dribbling a soccer ball with your feet
* one- and two-foot lifts of a soccer ball
* soccer-style throw-in
* punting
* trapping and passing a ball with your feet
* throwing a ball to a moving target

Soccer players will recognize most of these skills, but everyone will be able to do them with just a little practice. At the end of the unit, and after much practice, you will have an evaluation consisting of a skill check-off of the items listed above. The weather can be changeable at this time of year so be sure to dress appropriately. It is easier to have a sweat shirt or jacket that you can take off if you get too warm. Be prepared for class each day with the proper clothing. Since we will be outside, those sensitive to the sun should be protected with sunscreen.

posted on: March 19, 2007

Basketball Lead-up Games/ 3rd Quarter

As we move through our basketball lead-up games, remember the tips you have learned about dribbling, passing and shooting.

Dribbling * Use pads of fingers

* Keep head up
* Dribble to your side, but slightly forward of your foot
* Keep dribble waist high

Chest Pass * aim chest high

* make your passes crisp
* remember the follow-through

Bounce Pass * aim 2/3 of the way to receiver
* keep elbows out to avoid a chopping motion
* Push the ball with both hands from behind
* Thumbs end up pointed downward

Shooting Remember the BEEF
B = Balance the ball
E = Elbow should be bent
E = Eye on the target
F = Follow through and watch your shot

Think about the skill activities you have participated in to work on these skills:
1. Dribble tag, dribbling around the cones
2. Pass and slide drill passing to a partner
3. Team 21 shooting game
4. Gotcha game
5. Shooting from spots for accuracy
6. Boxing out and shooting Free Throws

We will complete our Basketball Lead up this week and conclude the quarter with our Post testing of the Fitnessgram Fitness Assessment.

posted on: March 07, 2007

Rhythms and Dance/3rd Quarter PE

We have completed a week of Physical Fitness assessments and have begun our unit on Rhythms and Dance. So far, you have learned some rhythmic patterns using Lummi sticks. Now you are learning some Square Dancing patterns, and will end the unit learning some Party Dancing patterns. This unit helps you in keeping the beat of the music, sequencing steps and patterns, practicing hand-eye coordination, as well as learning some social skills. There will be a short written quiz covering all parts of this unit sometime next week. You will have plenty of advanced notification. I hope you are enjoying learning some new skills and steps. Who knows, they might come in handy at the next school dance! Have fun! Keep the beat!

posted on: January 22, 2007

Welcome to Physical Education

Welcome to my PE class. We are finally in our regular Physical Education classes and have been learning about a new game called Pickle-ball. This is a net activity game resembling tennis. It works on hand-eye coordination, striking skills, agility, and footwork. You received a handout with the rules of Pickle-ball. Please review this rule sheet before 9/13. There will be a short quiz on the rules of Pickle-ball at that time. To view these rules, click below. I appreciate the good sportsmanship I have seen as you learned this new game.


posted on: September 08, 2006

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