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November 08, 2005
Student Forum Convention Day

Students did a marvelous job representing the 50 states at the Student Forum Convention on Monday, November 7. Each group of students stood in front of the entire 8th Grade and introduced their state - the costumes were GREAT! State posters were displayed in the theater along the walls. Our 8th grade students got to see democracy in action and elected a new Student Forum president, Lauren Thomas. ALL candidates gave outstanding speeches. Hopefully, photographs taken will be posted on my blog soon. Thanks to all students who dressed up for your state! We had the Wizard of Oz characters representing Kansas, a cow and Jesse James from Missouri, a BIG APPLE from New York, and even a human cactus from Arizona!

SKILLS: 1.Describes economic mainstays, natural resources, and historical facts for U.S.states 2. Recognizes the unique opportunity to participate in government in the U.S.

ASSESSMENT: Banners/posters

HOMEWORK: All students should finish and turn in textbook assignment from last Friday's classwork if they have not done so already: Read pages 95 - 100 and complete p. 100 (Main Idea) and p.101 (1-10)Reviewing Main Ideas. DUE WEDNESDAY - last day work will be accepted unless students were absent.

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