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September 02, 2005
Week of 8/29

I am very pleased with the scores on our Georgia maps test. I could definitely tell that some studying went on prior to the test.
Please check i-parent often to see your child's progress. I have posted all of the grades as of today (and will even have today's map test on it by Friday evening).
There were some changes to my lesson plans for this week - I have had to put off the depleting resource activity until next week. The students have gotten so involved in the weather disaster stories, that we didn't have time to work on another project during the same week:-) I think that it is fantastic to see such creative ideas coming from the students -written and artistic creations.
Remind your children to keep up with the gluing of materials into their notebooks. We had a notebook check this week, and a few were still lacking in some areas:-)(they just need a little bit of "tweaking."
Don't forget that we will taking the CogAt test next week, and the ITBS the following week.
Enjoy your long weekend - rest and relax!!!!!
Mrs. Suggs

Posted by Mrs. Suggs

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