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August 08, 2006
Welcome back!

Welcome everyone to 8th grade!!!! I am so excited about this year. I am Mrs. Suggs, and I teach Social Studies. I have attached a copy of the syllabus for you to look over at your convenience. I have many special activities planned for this year. I just know you can't wait to get started - I know I can't:-)
I will be posting all of your assignments on this blog. I usually record weekly assignments so that you will see in advance what we will be working on for the week, any upcoming tests/quizzes, and any future projects. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me:
I am looking forward to a fantastic school year!!
Mrs. Suggs

8th Grade Social Studies
Course Syllabus

Teacher: Amy Suggs

OBJECTIVE: To develop an understanding of our heritage, with an emphasis on the state of Georgia, and its impact on American culture, and to develop geographic, economic, research, and technological skills. The eighth grade curriculum is entitled “Georgia and the American Experience.” We will focus on how Georgia’s history fits into and influenced American history.

TEXT: The Georgia Studies Book: Our State and the Nation
Selected novels will be integrated into the curriculum. Writing will also be emphasized in social studies; research shows that writing across the curriculum strengthens written expression skills. Students will be given many opportunities to publish their work, so quality will be important. Reading assignments and writing activities will be averaged with other grades for social studies

EXPECTATIONS: I am excited to have the opportunity to challenge students at Mabry. I have set very high expectations and will try to develop each student’s individual potential by providing a differentiated curriculum. My classroom is very interactive and includes instructional activities that address varied ability levels and learning styles. Students will be given many choices for projects that provide authentic learning opportunities. Technology plays a vital role in my lesson plans, and all students will benefit from the use of the Internet for research and activities

We will study the following topics during the year. However, this syllabus is a guide and is subject to change in order to accommodate student progress.

Geography of Georgia 2 weeks
Early Inhabitants of GA 1 week
European Exploration 1 week

Colonial Georgia (1732 – 1776) 1 week
Georgia and the Revolution 1 week

Early Statehood (1776 – 1787) 3 weeks
Foundations of Georgia/Govt. and Legislature 3 weeks
The Governor and Executive Branch 1 week
The Judicial Branch 1 week
Local Government in Georgia 1 week
Georgia’s Westward Movement (1787 – 1865) 3 weeks
The Civil War and Reconstruction (1865 – 1877) 4 weeks

The Rise of Modern Georgia (1877 – 1945) 5 weeks

Georgia Today (1945 – Present) 9 weeks

Grading Policy: Tests/Major Projects 50% Daily 20%

Quizzes 20% Homework 10%

Homework: Homework is an important tool to reinforce concepts from class or introduce new subjects. Experience has shown that inconsistently completed homework leads to overall lower grades in class. The expectation is that homework will be completed by the assigned due date. Late homework will not be accepted for credit.

Make-up work is the responsibility of the student. Three days will be allowed to make-up missed assignments or tests that are missed unless there is an extended illness. Students must schedule a time to make-up tests either before school or after school.

I have very high expectations for your work. Always strive for excellence in your projects and activities. Try to stretch yourself beyond your comfort limits! Try new things. “I would rather try great things and fail than to try nothing and succeed” is good advice.

If students are to succeed and achieve academic progress, then they must be prepared for class! All students should bring paper, pens/pencils, agenda, textbook, and homework to class each day. DO NOT bring MP3 players or iPods to my classroom. If students have them out during class, they will be taken up and kept until the end of the day.

Bring all materials needed for class
Be respectful and courteous to teacher and classmates
Participate positively in class activities
Listen attentively to all speakers
Work quietly and enjoy LEARNING!

SUGGESTED SUPPLIES: Spiral notebook, blue or black ink pens, colored pencils or markers, pencil, ruler. Work that is written with any color except blue or black ink will not be accepted!!!! Save the colored pens for posters, etc.

Keep the first page of the syllabus for your records and just return this page.

Student Name
- Home Phone Number ___________________

I have read the Georgia History syllabus and have discussed the grading and make-up policy with my child.

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