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December 01, 2006
Assignments for 12/4-12/8

Lesson Plans – 12/4-12/8


1. Quiz over Declaration of Independence and The Acts
2. Finish, share, and turn in - Write to Learn from Friday – feelings of Patriotism
3. **Side note – share with students that 46 Georgia counties are named for people that played a role in the Revolutionary War – from Button Gwinnett to James Madison and Elijah Clarke.
4. Word search with clues race – The American Revolution – worksheet
5. Homework: Read pages 109-111 and answer questions “Locating Main Ideas” pg. 111 #1-4.

1. Return and go over quiz

2. Check and go over homework questions from yesterday – take notes on section (review that the American Revolution was more a evolution that began in 1607 and concluded in 1776).
3. Have students create 2 Venn Diagrams – 1 - Compare and contrast the advantages held by the British and Americans in the American Revolution and 2-compare and contrast the disadvantages or obstacles that the British and Americans faced in the American Revolution. Share answers as a class and post on overhead - have students take any notes.
4. Homework: Read pages 111-114 – questions “Locating Main Ideas” #1-3.

Wednesday: (Early Release)

1. Watch Georgia Stories I program 6 – The First Century of Statehood, Part I (Georgia and the American Revolution).


1. Finish up any notes
2. Watch The Crossing – and answer questions that go with the movie.


1. Finish up watching The Crossing – and answering questions that go with the movie.

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