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April 27, 2007
Assignments for week of 4/30-5/4/07

**Plans are always subject to change if the need arises.**

Lesson Plans – week of 4/30-5/4/07


1. Tests will be returned on Tuesday – after Chorus and Orchestra students have taken the test
2. Judge illustrations
3. Read poem “Thar’s More in the Man Than Thar Is in the Land” together and discuss
4. Students complete backside of worksheet – chart of Thought Questions – on own – read pages 206-207 to complete worksheet.
5. Progress reports distributed

**Progress reports - project grades from Civil War journal project will not be posted on this progress report. I am grading and returning a few of these each day:-)


1. Return tests.
2. Go over chart from yesterday.
3. Have students look over Georgia Labor Contract and answer 5 questions – discuss as a class – as an overlay.
4. Students read – on own – pages 207-210 to prepare for note taking activity.
5. Take notes on pages 207-210 – teacher writes on overlay and students supply answers.


1. Read pages 210-216 – individually – and complete cloze activity with chart on “Political Reconstruction”


1. Go over cloze activity and chart – have students fill in any missing gaps on their sheets.
2. Watch Georgia Stories Program 10 – The Rise of Modern Georgia, Part I (Reconstruction and Growth) – discuss afterwards


1. ACROSTIC on “Reconstruction” – test grade for chapter

Watch video – What if the South had won the War? and discuss - we will start this today and finish on Monday.

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