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Assignments for week of 4/30-5/4/07

**Plans are always subject to change if the need arises.**

Lesson Plans – week of 4/30-5/4/07


1. Tests will be returned on Tuesday – after Chorus and Orchestra students have taken the test
2. Judge illustrations
3. Read poem “Thar’s More in the Man Than Thar Is in the Land” together and discuss
4. Students complete backside of worksheet – chart of Thought Questions – on own – read pages 206-207 to complete worksheet.
5. Progress reports distributed

**Progress reports - project grades from Civil War journal project will not be posted on this progress report. I am grading and returning a few of these each day:-)


1. Return tests.
2. Go over chart from yesterday.
3. Have students look over Georgia Labor Contract and answer 5 questions – discuss as a class – as an overlay.
4. Students read – on own – pages 207-210 to prepare for note taking activity.
5. Take notes on pages 207-210 – teacher writes on overlay and students supply answers.


1. Read pages 210-216 – individually – and complete cloze activity with chart on “Political Reconstruction”


1. Go over cloze activity and chart – have students fill in any missing gaps on their sheets.
2. Watch Georgia Stories Program 10 – The Rise of Modern Georgia, Part I (Reconstruction and Growth) – discuss afterwards


1. ACROSTIC on “Reconstruction” – test grade for chapter

Watch video – What if the South had won the War? and discuss - we will start this today and finish on Monday.

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Weekly assignments - week of 4/23-4/27/07

Here are our assignments for this week:
Monday and Tuesday - Watch video of Sherman's March w/question and fact sheet

- Projects due (this due date was extended from 4/24 to 4/25

Thursday- Review for chapter 13 (The Civil War) test

Friday- 1. Chapter 13 test
2. Illustrate chapter 14 - Reconstruction

posted on: April 23, 2007

Weekly assignments - week of 4/16-4/20

We have a shortened class schedule due to CRCT testing in homeroom.

Lesson Plans – 4/16-4/20 (CRCT testing- 40 minute classes)
**notebook check sometime between Mon. - Wed. of this week**


1. Introduce project – diary/journal project with character cards - due on Tuesday, 4/24 *video from last week and the ones from this week (along with textbook information and information found on the internet) should be helpful in completing the project.
2. Finish notes from Friday.
3. Read pages 191-194 and answer questions #1-4 - due Wednesday.


1. Watch Georgia Stories II – The Civil War, Part I
2. Work on project.


1. Go over questions pages 191 (from last week) and 194 from Monday.
2. Civil War “Word Research” puzzle – pairs compete to see who can fill in sheet 1
st for some sort of prize.
3. Work on project.

Thursday: Jakaitis

1. Watch Georgia Stories I – Program 9 First Century of Statehood, Part IV (The Civil War) – Battle of Jonesboro, The Civil War and the Black Soldier, and Andersonville Prison.
2. Follow up video with questions related to topics featured in the video.


1. Watch Georgia Stories II – Program 8 – The Civil War, Part II - March to the Sea and Thomasville: Playground of the Northern Industrialists.
2. Follow up video with questions related to topics featured in the video.
3. Work on project - project is due Tuesday, 4/23

Friday: Suggs

1. Watch Georgia Stories I – Program 9 First Century of Statehood, Part IV (The Civil War) – Battle of Jonesboro, The Civil War and the Black Soldier, and Andersonville Prison.
2. Follow up video with questions related to topics featured in the video.


1. Watch Georgia Stories II – Program 8 – The Civil War, Part II - March to the Sea and Thomasville: Playground of the Northern Industrialists.
2. Follow up video with questions related to topics featured in the video.
3. Work on project - project is due Tuesday, 4/23

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Weekly assignments - week of 4/9 - 4/13

Monday: 1. Return test chapter 12 - given before Spring Break

2. Review reasons for Civil War

3. Begin discussion of chapter 13
4. Strengths and weaknesses of Union and Confederacy before the war

1. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses worksheet from yesterday
2. terms of the war - quiz on Friday of this week
3. Read pages 184-188 and answer question on page 188

1. Go over questions page 188
2. Pose question - students write in notebook - "Do you think you would be will to fight against someone in your own family (like in a war) based on your feelings about different political issues? Why/why not?
3. Review Civil War terms - quiz on Friday
4. Map activity - War Divides The Nation - 1861
5. Read pages 188-191 and answer questions page 191

1. Go over map activity from yesterday
2. Watch DVD on Bull Run and answer questions that go along with it
3. Compare Johnny Reb and Billy Yank - soldiers from each side - differences

1. Quiz on terms
2. Take notes on Civil War - 2 column notes

posted on: April 10, 2007

Assignments for week of 3/26-3/30/07

Here are your assignments for the week (sorry these are a little late!!)

1. Go over "Road to War"
2. Read pages 173, 176-178 and answer questions page 178 (#1-5)

1. React to slavery activities with primary sources
2. Start chapter 12 review

1. Share letters from yesterday
2. Vocabulary activity - quiz with partner
3. Chapter review worksheet w/partner
4. Read pages 178-182 (answer questions pages 180 and 182)

1. Go over review worksheet
2. Review game

1. Chapter 12 test

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Weekly assignments - week of 3/19-3/23/07

Lesson Plans – 3/19-3/23/07


1. Return test
2. Share some of the causes of the war
3. Discuss economic differences between the North and the South prior to the war.
4. Complete worksheets – The South: Old Times Were Not Forgotten and The North Before the War: Expanding Territories


1. Framed paragraph to start chapter 12 – have students work with a partner to try to finish the paragraph. Then go over as a class and compare their answers vs. the real answers.
2. Have students create a t-chart comparing Utica, NY vs. Rome, Ga. – pages 169 and 170. Discuss as a class independent vs. interdependent
3. Complete “Growing Economic and Regional Differences” – finish for homework is not completed in class.


1. Go over “Growing Economic and Regional Differences” worksheet – have students correct their answers. (bring in idea of tariffs)
2. Read on own pages 168-173 and answer questions on page 169 (#1-3) and page 173 (#1-4)


1. Go over questions pages 168 and 173 – add in any needed information about tariffs, states’ rights, sovereign, nullification, secede, secession, and territory.
2. Have students complete map activity free vs. slave states – discuss the importance of equal number of each for representation in Congress (why would people feel representation in Congress was so important)
3. Start Civil War packet (“Road to Civil War) – students cut out pictures and note taking sections, glue picture with correct event, and take notes on the event. (all gets glued into notebook)


1. Finish “Road to Civil War” packet

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Assignments week of 3/12-3/16

Monday: 1. Notes on Structure
2. Graph on slave population

3. Finish graphic organizer pages 156-163

Tuesday: 1. Quiz on pages 156-163

2. Outline pages 164-166

3. Chapter review sheet - due Thursday

Wednesday: 1. Ga. Stories - Georgia's Westward Movement w/questions

2. Finish chapter review sheet - due tomorrow

Thursday: 1. Go over chapter review sheet

2. Review game

Friday: 1. Chapter 11 test (**this test will be put on next quarter's grading period)
2. Writing assignment: write one paragraph about what you think are the causes of the Civil War - and why you think this
(justify your answers). This will count as a daily "Write to Learn" grade.

posted on: March 12, 2007

Assignments for Mon-Wed. - 3/5-3/7/07

Here are the assignments for the first part of this week - I will post the last part of the week after I get it planned out today:-)

1. Finish War of 1812 notes
2. ACROSTIC - Trail of Tears with a partner - this will count as a quiz grade
3. Homework - read pages 147-152 - answer questions page 152 #1-5

1. Go over questions from last night
2. Graphic organizer on Trail of Tears with an expanded sentence - this will be completed in groups - will count as a test grade for this chapter.

Wednesday: Early Release
1. Finish and turn in graphic organizers

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Today's test

The test is taking longer than we will be working on it both today and tomorrow. The rest of the week's assignments will be pushed back a day:-)
Mrs. Suggs

posted on: February 26, 2007

Weekly assignments - week of 2/26-3/2

Here are your assignments for this week (keep in mind that the plans are always subject to change depending on how far we get each day):

Lesson Plans – 2/26/07-3/2/07


1. Open book test on chapter 9 – with partner
2. Illustrate chapter 10


1. Return chapter 9 test
2. Judge chapter 10 illustrations
3. Agree/Disagree sheet to begin chapter 10 – have students complete on own, and then go over as a class and make corrections.
4. Read pages 138-142 and answer questions page 140 (#1-4) and page 142 (#1-4) – due tomorrow.


1. Go over answers to yesterday questions from the textbook.
2. Lesson on War of 1812 (the war up to Indian removal – Sequoyah, Cherokee issues, Creeks, and Seminoles, gold found, etc.).


1. finish up lesson from yesterday
2. Work with a partner to create an Acrostic for “Trail of Tears” – students write sentences about the Trail of Tears using each letter of the words (ie: T – The Natives were moved off their land., R – Rights to the land now belonged to the whites., etc.) – share some of these with class
3. Read article about Cherokee regaining land in Georgia in 1993 – follow up with where this story is today.
4. Read pages 147 (Discovery of Gold Bring Trouble to Cherokees), 150-152 and answer questions on page 152 (#1-5)


1. Read Samuel’s Memory and have students write a response to the story – do they feel it is all true, does it help explain why there is still hatred by Cherokees towards attitudes of white men, how did the story make them feel about US history, etc. Share some with the class – and turn in for a write to learn “quick write” grade.
2. Read poem “The Neverending Trail” and discuss
3. Start chapter project – *create a graphic organizer that tells the story of the Trail of Tears – there will be a rubric that explains the details of items that must be included. This will count as the test for the chapter – this will be due at the end of class on Monday, 3/5.

posted on: February 23, 2007


Don't forget that your Rights in Action current event is due on Monday, 1/22 - you need to complete the questions on the worksheet, attach your article, and be prepared to share:-)

Bill of Rights quiz on Monday, 1/22 - study the sheet you filled in on Friday - you will be able to use this sheet on your quiz:-)

Chapter 25 test - Friday, 1/26 ----- your review sheet is due on Thursday, 1/25.

posted on: January 19, 2007

Assignments for the week of 2/6-2/10

Here are the activities for this week. If you are absent, be sure to check in with me.
Monday: Introduction of the chapter. Students will begin their project on The Trail of Tears.

We are going to go about learning of the Trail of Tears in a different way. We will not be solely using our textbooks, but rather will be using a combination of resources and working in groups to gather bits of information together (like pieces of a puzzle) to understand all of the events - the whys, hows, who, etc.
Below is a copy of the webquest we will be following for our unit of study. I have modified some of the webquest to fit our needs.

The Trail Where They Cried

The removal of the Cherokees from Georgia is known as one of the saddest periods in the state's history. The population of the state grew dramatically during the period following the Revolution. Once gold was discovered near Dahlonega, the fate of the Cherokees was set. What were these people like? What attempts had they made in an effort to live peacefully with the people settling in their lands? What role did the United States government play in their removal?

Task :
You are part of a team of 4-5 students that is preparing to present a concept map and expanded sentence about how and why the Cherokees were removed from Georgia. To prepare for your task, you and your team will need to complete a series of tasks. Each of you will become an expert and then instruct the other members of your team on your topic. The tasks are described below. All worksheets that you need for each task will be provided in class.
Scavenger Hunt - Cherokees of Georgia: You will access links and record information about various items as they relate to the Cherokees of Georgia and the events up to and including their removal.
Cherokee Culture: You are to access specific reference sites to learn more about the Cherokee culture. You will use an organizer to help you take notes on specific topics.
Map Making: You are to access specific reference sites and prepare a series of maps showing the lands the Cherokees held in North Georgia, the expansion patterns after the Headright system and the Yazoo Land Fraud, and finally, the route traveled by the Cherokees during the Trail of Tears.
Time Line of Historical Events: You are responsible for learning not only when certain events occurred during this period in Georgia's history, but something about the event. You will be completing an activity sheet by accessing specific reference sites and supplying the year of the event (and month if given) and a brief description.

Time Line Rubric: Once you have gathered all your data you will need to create an annotated, illustrated time line of the events which took place leading to the Trail of Tears. 

Concept Map and Expanded Sentence -
Once your group has gathered all of the required information, you will need to create a concept may displaying the major events of The Trail of Tears. There should be mostly pictures on your map (and very few words). You may include dates. On the bottom of your map you need to include an expanded sentence that sums up all of the ideas in your illustrations on your map. You are to expand the sentence: The Trail of Tears moved the Indians west. (sample expanded sentence: "I ate a chocolate cake." - "I slowly devoured an entire death by chocolate 3 layer cake!")

**All sections of this assignment will be graded, and the concept map with the expanded sentence will be displayed. All work will be due by Friday - during presentations to the class.**

Resources :
The Cherokee Trail of Tears - Timeline 1838-1839
The Cherokee Trail of Tears - a map of the route the Cherokees traveled as they were being relocated to Oklahoma.
Trail of Tears - a brief account of events leading up to and during the removal of Cherokees with quotes from primary sources.
Private Burnett's Letter - Private John G Burnett's letter recounting the Trail of Tears
Trail of Tears - North Georgia History - excellent historical reference with links to other relevant sites.
North Georgia Gold Rush - a brief explanation of the discovery of gold in North Georgia.
Georgia's Land Lottery - an excellent explanation of the land lottery system of Georgia with timeline.
Cherokee Nation in Georgia - a map of Cherokee lands.
Cherokee Messenger - brief history of the Trail of Tears.
Land Cessions of American Indians in Georgia - a timeline of land cessions, as Indian land was lost to settlers.
Moondove's spiral - legends and tales plus examples of crafts, and the Cherokee language.
Cherokee Indians - and explanation of Cherokee culture prepared by a student.
Cartersville Georgia History - an accounting of attempts to take the Cherokees' land and effort to stop this from happening.
Sequoyah's Talking Leaves - tells about how the Cherokee syllabary and newspaper were developed.


• Students are assigned to an EXPERT group based on the tasks described above: Scavenger Hunt, Cherokee Culture, Map Making, and Time Line of Events.
• Once students have completed their tasks, they will then become part of a team.
• Students will teach their team the information they learned.
• Teams will prepare a concept map with an expanded sentence.

You will be evaluated in accordance with the guidelines for each of the activities. In addition, you will be evaluated on your overall performance during this web quest.


4 Points

3 Points

2 Points

1 Points

On task behavior

Required no correction from teacher

Required only one reminder of appropriate, on-task behavior

It was necessary to be reminded 2 times about appropriate on -task behavior

Required more that 2 reminders of appropriate on-task behavior

Completion of all activities

Completed all activities in accordance with instructions in an exemplary manner.

Completed assignments with only 1 or 2 corrections needed.

Completed assignments, but it was necessary to make 3 - 5 corrections.

Activities were either incomplete or required more than 5 corrections.

Group work

All members of the group worked cooperatively at all times.

All members of the group worked cooperatively most of the time.

The group experienced difficulties and had trouble resolving those problems.

Group was unable to work together cooperatively.








After completing this web quest, I hope that you have a better understanding of the events of this time period and the people involved. You should now be able to decide if you think the decision to move the Cherokees west was the right one. America was a vast country with plenty of room. Should the Cherokees have been allowed to remain in north Georgia?



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