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Weekly assignments - week of 4/23-4/27/07

Here are our assignments for this week:
Monday and Tuesday - Watch video of Sherman's March w/question and fact sheet

- Projects due (this due date was extended from 4/24 to 4/25

Thursday- Review for chapter 13 (The Civil War) test

Friday- 1. Chapter 13 test
2. Illustrate chapter 14 - Reconstruction

posted on: April 23, 2007

Weekly assignments - week of 4/16-4/20

We have a shortened class schedule due to CRCT testing in homeroom.

Lesson Plans – 4/16-4/20 (CRCT testing- 40 minute classes)
**notebook check sometime between Mon. - Wed. of this week**


1. Introduce project – diary/journal project with character cards - due on Tuesday, 4/24 *video from last week and the ones from this week (along with textbook information and information found on the internet) should be helpful in completing the project.
2. Finish notes from Friday.
3. Read pages 191-194 and answer questions #1-4 - due Wednesday.


1. Watch Georgia Stories II – The Civil War, Part I
2. Work on project.


1. Go over questions pages 191 (from last week) and 194 from Monday.
2. Civil War “Word Research” puzzle – pairs compete to see who can fill in sheet 1
st for some sort of prize.
3. Work on project.

Thursday: Jakaitis

1. Watch Georgia Stories I – Program 9 First Century of Statehood, Part IV (The Civil War) – Battle of Jonesboro, The Civil War and the Black Soldier, and Andersonville Prison.
2. Follow up video with questions related to topics featured in the video.


1. Watch Georgia Stories II – Program 8 – The Civil War, Part II - March to the Sea and Thomasville: Playground of the Northern Industrialists.
2. Follow up video with questions related to topics featured in the video.
3. Work on project - project is due Tuesday, 4/23

Friday: Suggs

1. Watch Georgia Stories I – Program 9 First Century of Statehood, Part IV (The Civil War) – Battle of Jonesboro, The Civil War and the Black Soldier, and Andersonville Prison.
2. Follow up video with questions related to topics featured in the video.


1. Watch Georgia Stories II – Program 8 – The Civil War, Part II - March to the Sea and Thomasville: Playground of the Northern Industrialists.
2. Follow up video with questions related to topics featured in the video.
3. Work on project - project is due Tuesday, 4/23

posted on: April 16, 2007

Weekly assignments - week of 3/19-3/23/07

Lesson Plans – 3/19-3/23/07


1. Return test
2. Share some of the causes of the war
3. Discuss economic differences between the North and the South prior to the war.
4. Complete worksheets – The South: Old Times Were Not Forgotten and The North Before the War: Expanding Territories


1. Framed paragraph to start chapter 12 – have students work with a partner to try to finish the paragraph. Then go over as a class and compare their answers vs. the real answers.
2. Have students create a t-chart comparing Utica, NY vs. Rome, Ga. – pages 169 and 170. Discuss as a class independent vs. interdependent
3. Complete “Growing Economic and Regional Differences” – finish for homework is not completed in class.


1. Go over “Growing Economic and Regional Differences” worksheet – have students correct their answers. (bring in idea of tariffs)
2. Read on own pages 168-173 and answer questions on page 169 (#1-3) and page 173 (#1-4)


1. Go over questions pages 168 and 173 – add in any needed information about tariffs, states’ rights, sovereign, nullification, secede, secession, and territory.
2. Have students complete map activity free vs. slave states – discuss the importance of equal number of each for representation in Congress (why would people feel representation in Congress was so important)
3. Start Civil War packet (“Road to Civil War) – students cut out pictures and note taking sections, glue picture with correct event, and take notes on the event. (all gets glued into notebook)


1. Finish “Road to Civil War” packet

posted on: March 16, 2007

Assignments for Mon-Wed. - 3/5-3/7/07

Here are the assignments for the first part of this week - I will post the last part of the week after I get it planned out today:-)

1. Finish War of 1812 notes
2. ACROSTIC - Trail of Tears with a partner - this will count as a quiz grade
3. Homework - read pages 147-152 - answer questions page 152 #1-5

1. Go over questions from last night
2. Graphic organizer on Trail of Tears with an expanded sentence - this will be completed in groups - will count as a test grade for this chapter.

Wednesday: Early Release
1. Finish and turn in graphic organizers

posted on: March 05, 2007

Assignments week of 2/12-2/16

This week we will be continuing with the e-Congress work. We will be writing and submitting our bills to YLI. This will be the last week spent on the actual writing of our bills. The next step will occur in a few weeks when we review the bills from others - and they do the same for our bills - very exciting. The due date for the bill writing is 2/15 - I have to get them turned in, at the latest, by that day. *This has been a unique experience for the students as they try to work through the bill writing/creating process - they feel like it is taking forever. They don't realize that this process can actually take years.
We may be able to watch a Georgia Stories on juvenal justice on Friday.
Mrs. Suggs

posted on: February 09, 2007

Lesson plans for the week of 2/5-2/9/07

Mon./Tues./Thurs./Friday - we are working on e-Congress in researching information for the creation of our bills to be proposed.

Wednesday - Georgia Stories on criminal justice with discussion to follow

This is a change of plans from what I had initially written - but I felt we needed the extra computer time.
Mrs. Suggs

posted on: February 06, 2007

Letter to your congressman

Here are your choices for people to write:

You may want to google any of these people to find out extra information.

General Assembly: Chip Rogers and Robert Franklin -

National Congress: Tom Price -
Johnny Isakson -
Saxby Chambliss -

posted on: January 31, 2007

Assignments for week of 1/29-2/2/07

Here are the lesson plans for this week. Please remember that plans are subject to change.

Lesson Plans – week of Jan. 29th – Feb. 2nd


1. Return test and go over
2. Discuss political participation by discussing voting – why people vote, why people wear a sticker that says they voted, how various groups go about getting people to vote (ie: Rock The Vote – targets young people) – etc.
3. Qualifications for people to be able to vote – 18, registered, citizen, legal resident of state and…or course, not in prison.
4. How do polling places prevent fraud? Two types of dishonest voters: repeaters – vote several times in same election, and drifters – people that come from outside the state or election district that drift in to vote.
5. Registration process
6. Compare voting today with the past
7. Discuss electoral college vs. popular votes for candidates – see explanation sheet.
8. Go over questions from page 391 (assigned on Friday of last week)
9. Introduce project for chapter – Break class into different sections (18-25 years of age, 25-45 years of age, 45 and up). Each pair is given a specific age group to target. The pair must create a poster (8 ½ X 11) that persuades their assigned age group to vote in an upcoming election – state or federal election.


1. Continue with chapter project – needs to be completed by end of class.
2. **try to share projects
3. Notebook check


1. **Share projects from yesterday – if not already shared.
2. Writing a member of Congress – students will be working with a partner -
*discuss writing a member of Congress – General Assembly – follow guide
*students need to:
1.) Figure out who their district Senators/House Member
2.) Decide on reason to write (see guide)
3.) Research issue/bill they will be writing about
4.) Write the letter – see guide to make sure all necessary information is included in letter. Print letter and turn in to teacher – some may want to share letter
with the class.

Finish activity from yesterday


1. Take notes on how a bill becomes a law and discuss how the General Assembly affects our lives.
2. Have students think of something that is important to them – personally- and propose their own bill – write what the bill should be and
why – as if the
bill could REALLY be passed.
3. Share bill ideas with class – have class vote on which has the best idea and argument for having it passed.
4. **If time permits– students need to answer Chapter Activities on page 401 – Reviewing Main Ideas #1-10, Give It Some Extra Thought - #1-2

posted on: January 26, 2007

"A Day In The Life"

Here are the requirements for your "A Day In The Life" project that we are currently working on in class in groups:

You are to pretend that you are a 14 year old living in the colonial times
1. Name of your colony - in your region (you were given your region and economic status in class)
2. Name of a major city in your region
3. Include in your writing: climate of colony, facts about agriculture, one business in your colony, what kind of education you would receive, etc.
4. Your paper could be: a journal, diary, newspaper article about you, a story, etc.
5. Due: Friday, 11/10
6. Final copy needs to be min. 1 page in length and max. 2 pages in length
7. Final copy needs to be in ink OR (and even better) typed:-)
8. Illustration is for bonus points - picture of your character, map of where you live, a job you might do, a school room, etc - be creative
9. Make sure that paper flows, is easy to follow, check grammar/spelling, etc.
10. You will need to turn in your group's brainstorming or webbing of ideas sheet, as well as your rough draft and final copy - this should cut down on so many papers that are not proofread before being submitted to the teacher.

We will work on this for a little bit of time each day - not necessarily all period. Most of the writing should take place during class time, and the typing/illustration completed at home.
Let me know if you have any questions.
Mrs. Suggs

posted on: November 03, 2006

Carousel through Colonial Times

Here are some sites to use to search for information about the lives of children during the colonial period: Carousel Through Colonial Times

posted on: October 27, 2006

R.A.F.T. directions

Here are some basic explanations for your RAFT activity - that is due on Friday, Sept. 22nd

Here are what the letters stand for for your RAFT and some examples for you to select from (you, of course, can come up with something of your own).

R - Role - who do you want to be? - this needs to relate to chapter 5 - options: explorer, Native American, person living in Europe during this time period, pirate, sailor on an explorer's ship, King of a country, etc.

A - Audience - who is you intended audience? - people back home, Europeans, your spouse, king, etc.

F - Format - what are you going to write/draw? - letter, advertisement, picture, journal, ship log

T- Theme - what do you want you audience to get from this? - plea, asking for $ or supplies, telling how great things are, saying you are so happy the "gods" have finally come, asking for husband to come home, etc.

posted on: September 19, 2006

Civil War Flag/journal project

The due date for your Civil War project is Tuesday, 3/28 (next week). We will begin presentations the same day:-)

posted on: March 21, 2006

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