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December 17, 2004
Welcome to My Virtual Desk

First Semester Ends
Today we brought the first semester of the 2004 - 2005 school year to a close. Energy and spirit were high as students and staff looked forward to the beginning of the two week holiday season. The week was punctuated with various ensembles from band and orchestra performing in the skylight. Additionally, the chorus performed today for the students. A parent stopped me in the skylight to comment on how bright and festive the school was today.

Tweety1-1 Tweety2-1
(Click to enlarge this holiday gift)

My Virtual Desk
This also marks the first post on this new blog, "From the Desk of Dr. Tyson." I hope to join with those teachers who are using blogs to communicate with students and parents. Our hope is to have everyone on the staff comfortable with this rather new technology by the end of the year. Some of our teachers have been brave souls and are actively posting to their blog already. Others are practicing with them behind the scenes.

Our plan is move toward every teacher using a blog or a website to communicate with parents and students next year. This will be a growth process as we experiment with what categories are most useful and how to best structure the information.

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