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February 4, 2005

I am posting this morning from Jekyll Island, where most of our seventh grade students are participating in a field trip to the Jekyll Island 4-H Center this week (January 31 - February 4). What a fantastic location for our students to study the natural history and ecology of a barrier island. I have rarely seen this much excitement, energy and enthusiasm for learning.

Primary instruction is literally taking place “in the field,” and topics include beach ecosystems, the maritime forest, and salt marsh ecology as well as other aspects of the natural history of the Georgia coast. I shot this picture just before driving over the bridge to the island. But if you really want to see some truly great photography of students having a blast learning, check out Mr. Swanson's BioBlog!

Img 6207-2
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A very, very special thank you to our 7th grade science teachers for planning this trip and making it possible for our students! They put in a tremendous amount of extra work. I also want to thank our other 7th grade teachers for their support in chaperoning and "holding down the instructional fort" at home. And finally, thanks to all of the moms and dads who were brave enough to chaperone as well as all of those parents who made this trip possible for their children. This is yet another reason why our students don't just attend Mabry; they attend!

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