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February 23, 2005
Tonight's Information Meeting

Mabry did itself proud tonight as we hosted the first Power to Learn Information Session sponsored by the superintendent.  I want to express my appreciation for the heartfelt comments made by many of our Mabry teachers, parents, and students.  I was especially impressed with our students' comments.  They "get it!"

I found it interesting that one of our students was so outraged by what he found to be offensive and uniformed remarks made by one of the first adults to speak in the open forum, that he immediately found Mrs. DeBardeleben to ask her if he could speak at the microphone.  She was a little worried that he was too angry to speak.  But our student held back his anger and was able to effectively articulate why he believed his having a laptop would enhance his achievement in school.  Way to go, Ben!  I was proud of you.

Several of our students chose, on their own, to speak.  And every single one of them did an excellent job.  As one very impressed parent from another school told me, "Dr. Tyson, your students did you proud tonight."  Yes, indeed, they did!

I could highlight so many of the wonderful remarks that were made, but I will just share with you the passionate comments of our 2006 Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Hartnett.  She was the last person to speak, and she summed it up well.  She basically told everyone that no teacher grades more writing papers than she does, and that she wants to grade even more.  Laptops for students will allow her to do more work!  She actually wants to do more work.  She is committed to bringing her students to the highest skill level possible in their writing, and she sees student laptops as the way to do it!

Let there be no mistake.  We are talking about one thing and one thing only:  maximizing student academic achievement of the state performance standards.  We are not talking about a keyboard and a monitor.  We are talking about gifted, committed, hard-working teachers who believe in their hearts that every child having a laptop will help them attain our one goal:  maximizing student academic achievement of the state performance standards.  Trust these dedicated professionals.  Their vision of academic excellence for each child is altruistic to its very core. 

This is a transformational initiative that will shape the destiny of every child in Cobb County!  As several people said, "Can we move this initiative ahead faster?!"  Our superintendent's leadership with this initiative is nothing short of visionary.

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