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May 8, 2005
Film Festival News

I hope you take the time to view the Best Picture category movies and student interviews posted on the Mabry web site. All of the movies this year were incredible. So many of them are absolutely broadcast quality. At times I felt like I was watching the Discovery channel as many of the movies are nothing short of true documentaries. All of our movies this year are directly related to what students are studying at Mabry--are right out of the Georgia Performance Standards. Stay tuned to Cobb Education TV. Our movies will be aired soon.

I have been disappointed recently with how we as adults tremendously underestimate what our children can accomplish! And, regrettably, I have to be honest with you and include myself in this group as well. When I watched the 6th grade movies that were submitted for the film festival, I must admit to sarcastically commenting to our ILT that the 6th grade teachers had done a really, really good job this year--an unbelievable job. I thought that the teachers had done the work and not the students and was therefore aggravated.

Our ILT was quick to tell me that she had personally witnessed the students working on these movies--the teachers only guided them and directed them through the learning and creating process, exactly as good teachers should do. When I talked with the various teams of students about the details and intricacies of their movie-making process, I quickly realized that indeed they had made the movies themselves from start to finish. I too was guilty of what I have observed in our county: adults underestimating the potential for the highest levels of excellence that children possess when provided with unparalleled adult guidance and the required resources.

If we are going to say we expect children to do their best and excel at the highest levels of performance and then deny them the resources to actually accomplish that which they are completely capable of accomplishing, then we are at best ignorant and foolish, or, even worse, we are hypocrites or mean spirited. For children to attain at higher levels, adults must contribute at higher levels. Support our students! They are unquestionably highly capable and deserving.

Posted by Dr. Tyson

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